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Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Paris Notre Dame de Paris, located on the island of Laguna in the heart of Paris, is the most powerful Gothic church in France, the church is free to visit, the interpreter is 5 euros. Sitting on the subway, I will stop at the station. After going down the station, I will pass to the Notre Dame de Paris. There will be a lot of people. In short, you will not find it. I saw online saying that in Paris, I just walked and found Gypsy. More and more people (black people), indicating that another attraction has arrived, telling everyone with my actual experience that this sentence is 99% correct. Notre Dame translates to our woman, our Virgin, the mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary. Here, still very excited. Even on a rainy day, the face is still glowing. Everyone on the front of the Notre Dame knows the posters and the Raiders, which are everywhere. This is the side. Gothic mad construction and unparalleled sculptural architecture, some of which are in repair, but the original construction began in 1163, known as one of the most shining buildings in history, imagine! The statue of the 28 kings on the outer wall of the Notre Dame, harmonious and atmospheric. Its all trembled when I walk into the church and look up. Its wonderful! It is like a toy church, but it is made of marble. A little bit of light praying for music, I am calm but my heart is awkward. Ancient, old-fashioned churches that have been around for centuries! When the old age reaches a certain level, it begins to be advanced. As the marginal benefit increases, the church feels more and more treasure. Such a high dome, the church's sturdy building, personally feels that it is really used to watch the aristocratic temperament, used to place faith. Photo taken in winter 2016 [Museum Pass] If the main itinerary is to browse the museum's friends, friends who have been in Paris for more than 5 days can consider purchasing a museum pass and can visit more than 60 Paris. Museum, fare 2 days 39 euros, 4 days 54 euros, 6 days 69 euros. I traveled around Christmas, and every museum in the off-season was bought on the spot and there was no queue. [How to get there] Take Metro Line 4 to Saint-Michel or get off at Cit. Take Metro Line 1 and 11 and get off at Hotel de Ville. Take Subway Lines 7 and 14 and get off at the Chatelet stop (this route is a bit far). Alternatively, take the RER Express (B, C) line and get off at the Saint-Michel-Notre-Dame stop.
Centre Georges Pompidou
Luxembourg Gardens
Experience the slow life of real Parisians, come to Luxembourg Park because of work, Paris I have been to many times. If you let me recommend the sights of Paris to you, I will not list it. However, if you want to experience the leisurely slow life of a true Parisian, then I will definitely recommend you here - Luxembourg Gardens. If you boarded the Eiffel Tower or the Montparnasse Tower, you will definitely notice the Luxembourg Gardens. Overlooking Paris from a height, the Luxembourg Gardens are like the green heart of the city. In a large group of white classical buildings that are well planned, this piece of green is really conspicuous. There is a palace in the Luxembourg Gardens, once the emperor's palace, which has now become the Senate. There is a large circle of grass surrounded by flowers in front of the palace, and a single chair scattered outside the circle. Such iron chairs can be found everywhere in the Luxembourg Gardens, and they can be moved at will, not fixed on the ground. There is a row of huge phoenix avenues not far from the grass. There are children playing and painting students in the shade, and occasionally people riding horses. In addition to these, there are sculptures, ponds, and well-trimmed gardening flowers in the park... The garden is very quiet, everyone is concentrating on enjoying their own slow time. The laughter of the child is the only background music here. When I casually found a chair to sit down, it happened that the sun showed a light from the thick cloud, so just warm and warm on my face. Really, happiness may be as simple as that.
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