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S.E.A. Aquarium

4.7/55,432 Reviews

Business Hours

Monday-Sunday 10:00-19:00; opening hours on specific days: 10:00-18:00 on May 22, May 23, July 24, August 5, August 12, August 15, August 19 and 10:00-17:00 on October 3


8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island
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About S.E.A. Aquarium

The South East Asia Aquarium is situated on Singapore's Sentosa Island, adjacent to Universal Studios Singapore. The sea animals in the aquarium are distributed according to their geographic location, from the Karimata Strait and Java Sea; the Strait of Malacca and Andaman Sea; the Bay of Bengal and Laccadive Sea; the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea; the Red Sea and East Africa; to the South China Sea, completing a round the world sea journey.

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  • 山水人生

    The huge glass windows outside the pavilion give visitors a quick glimpse of the underwater world. In addition to all kinds of fish and corals, there are also huge sunken ships. Such scenes have never been seen in the aquariums that have been visited before, when we realize that the real aquarium here is the ocean, not the aquarium. In the propaganda film at the entrance, a voice from the ocean warns us that nature does not need human beings, and human beings cannot do without nature. " When we are viewing the animals and plants from the sea, we really have to think about this heart-shaking words. Walk into the undersea tunnel familiar with the shape, and begin the tour in the process of viewing sharks. The whole ocean hall subregion introduces the famous ocean basins and fish organisms all over the world. The design and layout on both sides of the passage are very novel, and the whole ocean hall appears very atmospheric. There are many visitors here, many of them are with children, naive and lively children in the natural atmosphere began to know a variety of marine animals. Because of the introduction in Chinese, this is the most enjoyable tour we have seen in similar aquariums abroad. We can get to know all kinds of new marine animals through the introduction of pictures and texts. Compared with those children, we know no more about marine animals than they do. As the largest aquarium in Asia, the marine life in this museum is geographically distributed. From the Karimata Strait and the Java Sea, the Malacca Strait and the Andaman Sea, the Bay of Bengal and Lackdev Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea, East Africa and the South China Sea, these familiar or unfamiliar place names bring us different marine life exhibition areas. The corridors and water tanks in the aquarium are very unique. The pictures on the corridors, the shapes of the water tanks, together with the illumination of the lights, give visitors a sense of immersion in the alternation of darkness and brightness. The places where marine life can be touched, the enthusiastic introduction of staff and the magic of marine life also arouse tourists'desire to try. The most unforgettable part of the museum is not only the variety of fish, but also the floating color jellyfish, which is also known as the world's largest ocean window. When we sat in front of the huge glass window with tourists and looked at all kinds of fish swimming, we couldn't help but be shocked by the mysterious wonder of the water. From sharks to corals, from giant eels to clowns, from octopuses to dolphins, from spider crabs to lions, from seahorses to toothsaws and rays, all kinds of marine animals and plants make us linger and forget to return, and time passes quickly unconsciously. The aquarium boxes here are equipped with sunken ships, and some even have sunken traces with jewelry boxes and porcelain tableware, so it really has some taste of being at the bottom of the sea. The Chinese-language guide map of the museum shows that it has more than 100,000 marine organisms of more than 800 species. As the words describe - ""Here, to discover the infinite wonders of the blue kingdom, is fascinated by the mysterious wonders of the sea. "

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    Reviewed on 1481803642000
  • _FB2****1946

    It is amazing and wonderful aquarium. I’m really impressive to go there. There are a lot of sea animals. It’s a nice place.

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    Reviewed on 1567508347000
  • 蓓利

    Singapore's S.E.A Aquarium is the largest in Asia, on Sentosa Island, near Universal Studios. The aquarium has 49 ecological zones, which are suitable for the whole family to come with their children to enjoy the colorful ocean world. The model of a big ship is very eye-catching. The ship was built according to Zheng He's ship when he sailed to the Western Ocean in history. Singaporeans clearly told tourists from all over the world about Zheng He's seven voyages to the Western Ocean and its profound significance. They also expressed the confidence that Chinese civilization could reshape the past glorious. When visiting the museum, the marine life in the museum is distributed according to its geographical location, and visiting the whole museum is equivalent to completing the ocean journey across the globe. The biggest attraction of the aquarium is that it has the world's largest ocean window, 36 meters long and 8.3 meters high, the world's largest aquarium viewing window. Standing in front of a huge glass window and watching all kinds of famous or unknown fish flying in front of you, you will be shocked by the mysterious wonders of the sea. The museum also has several strong recommendations, including colorful corals that look like plants and are actually cellular animals; giant creatures called devil fish but with gentle temperament, ghost skunks; ferocks, swaying jellyfish like a ink painting, giant octopuses in the North Pacific Ocean, and sea dragons with long noses. Traffic: Get off at Harbour Station by Northeast Metro Line or Loop Line, then enter the 3rd floor of Yifeng City Shopping Center, and transfer to Sentosa MRT and get off at Binhai Station.

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    Reviewed on 1501171956000
  • 浅颜墨

    After entering the door, it was very shocking that Singaporeans described Zheng He's journey to the ocean in a profound way. Zheng He made seven trips to the Western Ocean to spread Chinese civilization around the world. I remember that there is a nation in East Africa that carries water and carries goods with a shoulder pole like Chinese tradition. Typhoon Theatre was shocked. Although the Ming Dynasty was not for Emperor Xingzong, the story shows the close relationship between the coastal residents of Chinese famous ethnic groups and the sea and the sky. We have a proud history of navigation, and we can certainly reshape the magnificent pioneering waves. The aquarium in the aquarium is very large and few people, which is much better than Lujiazui's appreciation.

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    Reviewed on 1477827661000
  • 小野Planet

    It's one of the scenic spots that Sentosa must visit. Having been to Changlong, Zhuhai, I don't think it's amazing, but it's definitely one of the world's top oceanic museums. 1. Zheng He's voyage to the Western Ocean is a very distinctive exhibition, the exhibit of historical re-emergence, the height of the giant ship restored. You can see the side section of the ship. There are many animals and food in it. It's amazing to live at home. It embodies human history, which is the special feature of this ocean hall. 2. Giant water wall, which has not been seen, is recommended to see. It is very spectacular. Of course, I think it's a little smaller than Zhuhai's, and there aren't so many fish. The big fish like whales are a little less. I lament that China is rich and powerful, and the land is vast and abundant! _______ On the second floor in front of the water wall, there are tables and chairs for children to draw graffiti, which are very humanistic. 3. The regular Hall of marine life is suitable for taking children to play, and the variety of marine life is also complete. If it's not a holiday, there aren't many people. 4. The location is just opposite the gate of Universal Studios. It's only ten minutes'walk away. The e-tickets are directly brushed with bar codes, unlike some group purchases in China, which require repayment of tickets. It's better to buy tickets in advance.

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    Reviewed on 1495709746000
  • 小狐狸

    It is said that the largest viewing window in Asia is indeed many pavilions. The entrance to the pavilion is a free and leisurely view of the sunken ship treasure. Then the sea eel, eel, eel, spider crab, all kinds of colorful fish can also be smeared with starfish and sea cucumber to really feel it. It's wise to choose to play here when it's hot to play outside at noon. Interesting and cost effective. Recommend

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    Reviewed on 1498794198000
  • 鸭鸭爱生活

    Many people think that the ocean hall is only for children to see, but the recommended S.E.A ocean hall above Sentosa is really suitable for all ages. Singapore S.E.A ocean hall, one of the largest ocean halls in the world, has more than 100,000 kinds of marine life. It's really super beautiful! Eye is the best record, mysterious marine life, appeal to us to love this sea budding seahorse, colorful fish, crystal clear jellyfish. Every one makes you think the ocean is so beautiful that Singapore is probably the cleanest country I have ever seen. Play time: 2-3 hours ticket for adults 39 new coins, can be booked online in advance, many cheaper addresses: Sentosa MRT-Binhai Station. Go straight in the direction of the statue of the small Merlion until you pass the Candy Store on the left and walk on the left until you reach the S.E.A. Ocean Hall.

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    Reviewed on 1545018856000
  • flyingmaple

    The aquarium wasn't planned because I saw the aquarium there when I went to Dubai. Then a friend sent a ticket and we went. Of course, the design is totally different from Dubai, and the experience is also different. Before going to the formal visit, you can watch a video of Zheng He's voyage. The effect is very good. It's suggested that you don't miss it. Of course, you can watch it later, according to the time. There is an underwater restaurant in it. When we arrived, we had already passed the meal. We didn't eat it. We had to look at it at the door. The experience of touching a starfish is the first, very novel. There is nothing to eat in it. The snacks bought in it are very, very unpleasant and expensive. Suggestions to eat full in, or out to eat again! Finally, the place to buy souvenirs is very recommended. The dolls are lovely and not expensive at all. If children like it, they can buy more!

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    Reviewed on 1444918531000
  • _CFT01****4452913

    It's worth recommending. Good technology is used here. It shows different animals, and the staff there take good care of people and animals. There are exhibitions, all kinds of exotic marine animals and some interesting snacks. When there are too many people, it's a little urgent and troublesome. The Chinese government spent about three hours. It's highly recommended. Look at the picture, oh dears:)

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    Reviewed on 1477832764000
  • juki235

    S.E.A. is the best ocean hall in Asia. First of all, it shows Zheng He's ships and cargo models on board. The aquarium is really wonderful. There are many kinds of marine organisms in it. There is also a restaurant, you can watch the fish in the aquarium while eating delicious dishes, absolutely very enjoyable.

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    Reviewed on 1484437976000
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