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The sixth waterfall is the most dangerous hillside on the way. This waterfall is magnificent and looks like a dragon. Continue down from the Luoxia Waterfall and see the fascinating Jiulong Waterfall in the Seven Falls. The Jiulong Waterfall is also called Jiuyiyu. The waterfall is covered from a high cliff of 40 meters high, such as silver and white, and the thickness is interwoven. There are not only nine small waterfalls in Jiuyi. The "nine" here means more. As for how much I have not counted carefully. On the 100-level iron ladder on the edge of the Kowloon Falls, the waterfall that falls is very close to us. It seems to be reachable, and the splashing drops of water, like condensation, spill over our body, making people clear. Cool. Born a Tongtian Cave, the infinite scenery is at the peak. From the Tongtian Cave, I climbed out of the "Drilling Rat". After climbing the iron ladder and drilling the hole, I came to the Guan Waterfall Restaurant. The two-story building has been abandoned for a long time, but it is the best viewing point for the fourth-fold waterfall. From the waterfall outside the balcony, it seems that the waterfall at the first level has not finished. The sound of the rumble of the waterfall is like a dragon and a tiger, so people call it the "Dragon Tiger Waterfall." Leave the Dragon and Tiger Waterfall. After the winding uphill and downhill, you can enjoy the third fold waterfall on the Guanqiao Bridge. The water potential of this waterfall falls down the slope and slams down, giving people a feeling of suppleness. The total drop is more than 100 meters. So someone took a very poetic name to the waterfall, the waterfall.
Jiangxin Island
The city of Wenzhou, in the eyes of most people, is a quiet and delicate water town in the south of the Yangtze River. However, the most beautiful thing here is the famous mountains and rivers and magnificent waterfalls. It also has a long history and culture, endless generations of ancient and modern celebrities, delicious and affordable seafood snacks, three days and two nights, driving the streets and lanes here, to deepen the natural scenery and cultural culture of Wenzhou. The whole river heart island is most famous as the Jiangxin East and West Towers. The island has two towers in the east and west. The east tower was built in the Tang Dynasty, the west tower was built in the Northern Song Dynasty, and the twin towers began in the Song Dynasty until the Guangxu reign of the Qing Dynasty. It is a beacon for important navigation. In ancient times, the top of the tower was illuminated by day and night lights. It became an important "lighthouse" for guiding ships to and from Wenzhou Port. Now it is one of the 100 world famous lighthouses. Walk on the island, there are many monuments on the island that were built in the Southern Song Dynasty. It is full of rich historical and cultural heritage and aura. You can see the poetry gallery of Jiangnan, the courtyard is faint and flowing. One tile and one wood all show the unique temperament and charm of Jiangxinyu, and the temperament of Xiaojiabiyu is perfectly reflected here. Hundreds of eucalyptus and eucalyptus trees in the garden, in the Hualiu Guting and Feihong lying waves, can completely see the fresh and graceful scenery of the south of the Yangtze River. There are pools on the island, and the pool is surrounded by small buildings. Pavilions and verandas, the path of the ring pool twists and turns between the dense eucalyptus forest, walking under the banyan tree, the wind blowing the leaves squeaking, the whole person's spirit suddenly refreshed.
Yucang Mountain Forest Park
Traveling to Cangnan in Wenzhou, watching the sea to see the mountains, is indispensable. To Cangnan, the most unmissable mountain is the Yucang Mountain in the northwest of Cangnan County. I heard that it was the place where the legendary mother-in-law was alive, and the beauty of the mountains was amazing. When I really came here, I walked on the steep peaks, explored the strange rocks, and enjoyed the beautiful sunsets and sunsets. This really realized why the Queen Mother would like to come here to live, and really I realized what it means to be "Poetry and Painting Cangnan"! I know Jade Cangshan because of Cangnan, but I dont know. The original origin of Cangnans name is because of this Jade Mountain. The ancient name of Yucang Mountain is "Shoushan". It is said that this mountain is the place where the Queen Mother is a long-lived life. The gods give their birthdays to the mother-in-law, and the treasures are filled with hills. The whole mountain becomes the warehouse of Baoyu, hence the name "Yu Cangshan". ". After the liberation, the forest farm was set up here, and the land was green, so it was renamed "Yu Cangshan". Because Cangnan County is located in the south of Yucang Mountain, it was called "Cangnan". Speaking of why Yucang Mountain can attract tourists, I think its main reason is that this is the place where Wang Niangniang lives. You think about it, even the Queen Mother chose to live here, and this place is definitely very good. Moreover, it is said that the gods give their birthdays to the mother-in-law, and the treasures are full of hills. I think these strange rocks that are now seen in Yucang Mountain are the incarnation of these treasures!
Rachel Yu
If you are in the air in Wenzhou, you can see a tall building far away. This is the Wenzhou World Trade Center Building, which is known as the tallest building in Zhejiang. The picture shows the Wenzhou Lijiang River in the aerial view. The high-rise building in the upper left corner of the picture is Wenzhou World Trade Center, Wenzhou World Trade Center Building is located in Block No. 8 and No. 9 of Jiefang South Road Block, Wenzhou District. It faces Jiefang South Road in the east, Maanchi Road in the south, and Trade Plaza in the northwest. It has 68 floors above ground and 4 floors underground. It has 72 floors. The land is 333 meters high and is known as the tallest building in Zhejiang. The first tallest building in Zhejiang is not in the provincial capital of Hangzhou. In Wenzhou, although it is not in the provincial capital, its former position is very high. The height of the building is 20 meters. From the perspective of aerial photography, you can also see Wenzhous other landmark, the Confidence Square. Because the shape of the spire is very similar to corn, the World Trade Center has been dubbed "big corn" by netizens. Such a high-rise building has been raging in the construction area. For some reasons, the building was suspended for commemoration, and the building was officially put into use after many years of construction. The Wenzhou World Trade Center is not only the embodiment of the tallest building in Zhejiang, but more representative of the symbol of the landmark building! She is the heart and soul of countless Wenzhou citizens and overseas travellers! In many cities that pursue the development of building height, there is no Wenzhou, Wenzhou has not many high-rise buildings, but Wenzhou's urban development is also good, but unfortunately, the world's first high-rise building in Zhejiang seems to have been forgotten. . In the night scene aerial photography of Wenzhou World Trade Center, the roof of the World Trade Center is not lit at night. In a bright night scene, the dark world trade is very conspicuous (it is said that the light is not turned on because of power saving), I hope that one day Zhejiangs tallest building can Light up again.
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