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Tuangui Scenic Area

Tuangui Scenic Area

4.6/5133 Reviews
"The classics of this place are all in the 4A scenic spot "Yiyuan", many people went to the wrong place! In fact, the most livable city in China is "Wuxi Yixing"! "The landscape of Guilin is the best in the world! The landscape of Yangxian (Yixing) is the best in the south of the Yangtze River! Su Dongpo has a good saying, "Buy Tian Yangxian, I will only be good for the rivers and mountains from the beginning." Su Dongpo loves Yixing too much, and even said: "My death "I will die with joy"! Yixing is not only the hometown of Tao, but also the hometown of professors, academicians, and painting and calligraphy. Not only Xu Beihong and Wu Guanzhong, but also Wu Dayu, Yin Shoushi, Qian Songyan, Xu Yongxiang and Fan Baowen. Yixing is very immortal, and a Liu Haisu appeared dozens of kilometers away! Yixing’s tea is also famous in history and scares people to death. Tea saint Lu Yu said, "The emperor has not tasted Yangxian tea, and the herbs dare not bloom first." Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty It reads "Lanling Wine Tulips", and the Shanglian provided by "Su Qi" in the Tang Dynasty was "Yangxianchun Tea Yao Caobi", quatrains! In the Ming Dynasty, "Tang Bohu" wrote "Qing Ming contends for planting Hexi Liu, Gu Yuchu" "Laiyangxian tea", Tang Bohu also admired the benefits of Yixing tea! Wen Zhengming's description of Yixing is: the flat boat is ten miles down Jingxi, the sunset is desolate and the vegetation is low, a piece of sand gulls is like snow, and the people fly over the west of Yetang." Since three years ago, the Yixing Municipal Government has waived the 50 yuan entrance fee for the 4A scenic spot "Yiyuan"! At the same time, the 50 yuan entrance fee for another 4A-level scenic spot "Longbei Mountain Forest Park" is also exempted! Yixing Museum, Xu Beihong Memorial Hall, Wu Guanzhong Memorial Hall, and Ceramic Exhibition Hall do not charge any money, only "Yixing Zhuhai and a few caves" are charged, and "Dajue Temple" in Yixing does not charge any money (it is said to have to collect money, Master Xingyun Say: It’s okay to collect money, okay, you can return me the hundreds of millions that I invested, wisdom) I hope you will be fortunate to come to Yixing to buy a house to settle or live, the house price here is very cheap, about 10,000 yuan, and I have the honor to return it in Dajue Temple May meet Master Xingyun! Everyone is welcome to visit our Dayixing by car."
Guangfu Scenic AreaNearby City

Guangfu Scenic Area

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Open from 8:30am-4:00pm (Local time)
"Guangfu Town is located in Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, and is a famous historical and cultural town of Jiangsu Province. It is located 25 kilometers west of Suzhou City, on the shore of Taihu Lake and on the foot of Dengwei Mountain. It is a peninsula embedded in Taihu Lake. The main attractions are Tongguanyin Temple, Situ Temple, Shengen Temple, Shiyan, Xiangxuehai, and more important non-material cultural heritage such as Guangfu nuclear carving. Guangfu places of interest and historical sites are scattered, and human resources are very rich. Light fukuyama water is like a picture, flowers and fruit everywhere, the southern court beam Datong year nine taishu house for temple, take its "light fuku" two characters, so the name. Long human history and deep cultural deposition, add charming allusions and mysterious legends here, but Guangfu in the puzzling between the more attractive and fascinating, fascinating, is the Chinese and foreign investors investment in the development of the hot soil. Guangfu has its own beauty of "huguangshanse, dongtianfudi", rich natural resources, enjoy "fish and rice town", "four seasons have fruit" beauty of the name; Guangfu is the traditional craft town, Suzhou embroidery originated one of the, exquisite carving craftsmanship cleverly; Guangfu human landscape, the rich historical sites, Wu culture connotation, formed a multi-level tourism line, is one of the national Taihu Lake scenic spots."