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10,068 Reviews
_AP***06The grottoes far exceed my expectations. not only are the grottoes surrounded by beautiful buildings and temples, it’s really like a giant park. A lovely place to spend the afternoon! the grottoes themselves are truly amazing, definitely a must see.
3,873 Reviews
Historical Architecture
E35***63Very good experience and it was a very interesting place to visit. It was easy to get to and the shuttle bus made it easier to access
3,609 Reviews
Theme Park
M11***27The fireworks show is so beautiful! The layout of the park is not bad, maybe the old age, the project stimulation is not enough, haha, I did not shout, the program is very compact, the holiday people more temporary added performance is great, the overall people are not too many, the queue for very individual projects is slightly longer, the holidays are worth going.
2,627 Reviews
D26***64Hiking up Mt. Heng was breathtaking. The views are amazing and we met many friendly people along the way. There is water for sale along with limited snacks. You can take the cable car down if you dont want to hike.
2,251 Reviews
Le Vu TuanBeautiful temple with many things to see.I got the feeling of jumping into some Chinese movie during visiting this place.
425 Reviews
Geological Sites
胡萝北C_YThe earth forest grasshopper looks at the general, take a picture of the sights [scene] local people call this place "slate ditch", also known by scholars as the natural "sedimentology laboratory" in North China. Suggested sunset or sunset time to take pictures, there is a sense of large. Aloe vera, a group of white geese, the sky occasionally passing birds, in the setting sun against the background, let the earth forest presents a mysterious scene. [Cost-effective] tickets on site 50 yuan, online buy 48 yuan, about an hour to go shopping and take pictures almost time. It is not recommended to go there, if you are going to go down the road from the hanging temple and Hengshan Mountain, it is still a good choice (if you have been to Yadan landform, you can consider not, Datong soil forest area is small) The soil forest landform is semiconsolidated or very loose soil-like sediment, Mainly flow erosion and gravity collapse formation, and Yadan landform mainly by wind erosion, salt weathering and gravity collapse formation. Datong soil forest ticket prices, quietly feel some high, but after all is the precipitation of time, but also OK. Photo Suggestions: Visitors can not get close to weathered clay, there are rope fence hints, but also to better protect the environment. 1. Scenery: can use mobile phone wide-angle camera, if catching the blue sky and white clouds, this picture is very powerful. Later, it was made into black and white photographs, which also tasted good (with a cell phone straight out of the original picture and a contrast). 2. Photograph: Try not to stand in front of the earth forest, it will look like a normal tourist photograph. Suggest that the mobile phone set up the continuous shooting function, adopt the motion posture such as running, jumping, walking, so that the photograph will be more natural. Can also use asparagus swing foreground, the virtual reality is different, later slightly lower the screen saturation, form a different memorial photograph. These pictures are all done by myself, non-professional, for reference only.

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Chunyang Palace of DatongDatong,China

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Luban Kiln CavesDatong,China

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Ancient City Linear Park (East Gate)Datong,China

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Shengquan TempleDatong,China

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Datong LibraryDatong,China

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Datong Soil ForestDatong,China

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Datong Travel Tips

About Datong

Datong is a famous historical city in the northern part of Shanxi. Previously, it was the capital city of the Northern Wei Dynasty. The nomads from the north left behind all sorts of precious heritage sites such as the Yungang Grottoes. Inside the city lies a rare Liao Dynasty temple - Huayan Monastery. Everything about this place evokes a sense of wonder among history lovers. If you have the time to go a bit farther, the Hengshan Mountains in southern Datong are among the most famous mountains in China. The mountain scenery is both elegant and beautiful, peppered with many Taoist temples, monasteries and other structures. The Hanging Temple on the cliffs at the foot of the mountain are a wonder to behold. The ancient engineers who designed and built them must have been extremely skilled.

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18 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Datong
18 Oct, 2021 Datong Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 74%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:40/17:44
Datong Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low

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