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Nov 28, 2023


  • 9 of the Best Black Friday Tips for (and others!)
  • 1. Take advantage of loyalty programs
  • 2. Check the discounts (and return policies) in advance
  • 3. Don't forget to browse brands' official website
  • 4. Buy popular items as quickly as possible
  • 5. Define your budget and stick to it!
  • 8. And be Flexible on Location
  • 9. Download the App
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Black Friday 2024


Black Friday 2024 is now over - be sure to come back next year for more incredible offers! Or explore more offers and deals

If you plan to make a lot of purchases on Black Friday, don’t forget to use the membership plan of the platform. These plans sometimes offer other kinds of discounts, which can save you even more money.

Take us as an excellent example - save money on every trip, and then earn Trip Coins when booking and spend them on your next adventure.

You need to not only know the differences between discounts of various platforms to get the cheapest price, but we also suggest being familiar with return and refund policies to avoid the hassle of wrong purchases. It's easy to get carried away as the sales start flying…

In many cases, consumers will simply check Black Friday deals on e-commerce platforms. But be sure to check official brand websites - they tend to reserve the best offers for themselves. You don't want to miss these Black Friday opportunities.

A no-brainer this, but if you find that deal, don't dawdle - they'll usually go quickly.

Black Friday now often lasts longer than one day, so even on the following Monday you'll find some great deals. Keep your eyes peeled and be ready to buy.

Finally, be responsible! We recommend that before you start shopping, you clearly list all products you need and be strict with your budget. Christmas is still on the horizon!

We all love this scene. Black Friday flight deals are incoming

We all love this scene. Black Friday flight deals are incoming (nilsnedel / Unsplash)

6. Be Prepared to Book

This goes without saying. We've all heard of 'buyer's remorse', but when it comes to a holiday, there's definitely more chance of a case of 'non-buyer's remorse'. In other words - you'll be far more disappointed in the holiday that you don't book.

With this in mind, if you see a Black Friday 2024 deal on that interests you, and you have the time and opportunity - get booking! will have all manner of travel offers this Black Friday 2024 - so whether it's that incredible flight offer, that superb hotel deal, or that day out you've always been interested in - go for it!

7. Be Flexible on Dates

Where will your next trip take you?

Where will your next trip take you? (mantashesthaven / Unsplash)

Similar to the above, but equally important to emphasise. Do you have a little excess annual leave? Are you able to take a break at largely non-peak times of the year? Do you just happen to have a really cool boss? Then keeping an eye on those Black Friday deals with specific dates is an obvious tactic.

If you can, travelling during the off-peak season is always a good idea. The prices are generally lower anyway - and will, of course, be better still with your Black Friday 2024 deal - but going on that adventure when it's just that little bit quieter, be it the flight itself or that hot tourist destination? Well, that just makes it that little more special.

Want to find other ways to save on your whole trip? Check out the Bundle and Save function on our website.

So you've got the time and the inclination to go - but if you're open to where to go, you'll be right on track for an excellent Black Friday deal, and hopefully your next fabulous travel experience.

Whether booking during Black Friday or just general bargain-hunting, flexibility is key. If you're up for (apres-)skiing, a city break, some rest and relaxation on a beach, some wildly different culture, or a Christmas market - you may have noticed that this is a fairly broad array of trip types - then you are very likely to be satisfied with your choice.

The old adage that travel broadens the mind is highly relevant when bargain-hunting - if you're a bit of a sun lounger, why not try and hit a slope? If you're a city-lover, that escape to the country might just bring about a change in perspective. Embrace the alternative and you may just find yourself as one of the big winners of a fantastic deal.

Want some additional travel inspiration to get your wanderlust at the best price? Check out our flight deal finder to see where you can go for an incredible flight price.


Didn't find a Black Friday 2024 deal that speaks to you? Don't worry. We still have a huge array of flight and hotel deals at great prices, with a wealth of tools to help you find the very best offers.

Not only that, has a huge amount of other exclusive deals on our site - and more importantly, our app - at any given time. You just need to keep visiting to see what!

It's worth noting that as well as great deals, registering with sees you earn Trip Coins - our reward program that means each time you book, the more you save on future adventures. Be sure to sign up to enhance every single trip going forward…

And when booking your visit with, be sure to take advantage of our fabulous train offers as well.

For some of the best deals on flights, hotels and attractions tickets, download the app - and with our referral scheme, you can save £10 when sharing with your friends and family!

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