Network Railcard Discount £30 a Year: Hot Deals & Promo Code

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Network Railcard Discount

Save money on train travel with Network Railcard discount! This article will introduce how you can enjoy a Network Railcard discount, and how you can make your journeys more affordable with Let’s discover your exclusive deals and efficient trips now!

Network Railcard discounted price: 1/3 off train tickets and 60% off child rail fares

The Network Railcard offers exclusive discounts on rail fares. The Network Railcard offers 1/3 off yours and up to 3 other adults' rail fares, as well as 60% off the fares of up to 4 children (aged 5-15). You can get a Network Railcard for 1 year at £30. (If with promo code, it will be 1 year at £25.50 or cheaper.) With Network Railcard, you can save up to £136.00 a year on average!

Here are some examples you can refer to:

RoutePassengerOriginal PriceNetwork Railcard Discounted PriceNetwork Railcard Saving
Reading-London Paddington1 adult£25.10£16.55- £8.55
(saving 33.4%)
1 adult & 1 child£37.65£21.30- £16.35
(saving 43.4%)
Cambridge-London Kings Cross1 adult£30.50£20.10- £10.40
(saving 33.4%)
1 adult & 1 child£45.75£22.10- £23.65
(saving 51.7%)
Brighton-London Bridge1 adult£22.60£14.90- £7.70
(saving 33.4%)
1 adult & 1 child£33.90£16.90- £17.00
(saving 50.1%)

*The estimated price of the table above is based on 1 adult and 1 Network Railcard & 1 adult, 1 child and 1 Network Railcard.

What is the condition of Network Railcard promo code?

Network Railcard Discount

You can enjoy Network Railcard and save money on train travel if you meet the following conditions.

Eligibility of Network Railcard

  • Be 16 and up to apply for a Network Railcard.
  • Up to 3 adults (aged 16 and above) and 4 children (aged 5-15) with you.


  • You can take up to 3 adults with you and they can also enjoy ⅓ off rail fares.
  • If you are travelling with children between 5 and 15, you can take up to 4 children and save 60% on their fares.
  • For children under 5, they are free.

Covered area by Network Railcard

The Network Railcard covers London and the South East of England. You can only travel within the designated area with a Network Railcard.

Some popular stations such as Reading, Cambridge, Brighton, Oxford, Eton, Winchester and Brighton are covered in the specific area. You can click here for the Network Railcard map.

Available time using Network Railcard discount

The Network Railcard is only usable:

  • during off-peak Mondays to Fridays (from 10:00am)
  • anytime on Saturdays, Sundays
  • anytime on public holidays

Validity of Network Railcard

The Network Railcard is priced at £30 and is valid for one year of travel savings.

Advantages of Network Railcard deals

Network Railcard Discount

Additional offers

In addition to discounted train fares, Network Railcard deals may also provide access to additional discounts and offers. For example, for Railcard holders, you can save up to 50% on theatre tickets, and save 20% with your Network Railcard on Virgin Experience Days.

These could include savings on attractions, restaurants, hotels, and other travel-related expenses, enhancing the overall value of your Railcard membership.

Substantial savings

Network Railcard deals offer substantial discounts on rail fares, allowing you to save money on both short and long-distance journeys. With a Network Railcard, you can enjoy ⅓ off for adults and 60% off for children, making train travel more cost-effective.

Flexible travel

Whether you're commuting to work, or visiting friends and family, Network Railcard provide flexibility in travel options. It is ideal for those who regularly travel to or within London. Your Railcard discount applies to a vast network of train services.

About Railcard

A Railcard is a special discount card that offers exclusive discounts on train fares in the UK. It is designed for specific groups of people, such as students, children, adults, seniors, families, and disabled people. You can use Railcard in a designated area, at a specific time and for a certain period, normally one to three years. With a Railcard, passengers can enjoy reduced fares on train trips.

How to get cheap Network Railcard?

Pre-order proof

All Railcards are available to purchase through the app. To purchase a Railcard, you will need:

  • Proof of age (UK driving licence/provisional licence, passport, or EEA national ID card)
  • A high-quality digital passport-style photo of yourself
  • Debit or credit card for payment

Buy a Network Railcard

  1. Open the app and tap "Trains" at the top of the homepage.
  2. Tap "Buy a Railcard" at the bottom of the page.
  3. Sign in to your account and select a Railcard type that is right for you.
  4. Enter your personal information and purchase.
  5. Tap "My Railcards" to view your Railcard.
  6. Use your Network Railcard to buy tickets.
How to use Network Railcard Discount
How to use Network Railcard Discount
How to use Network Railcard Discount

The way of using Network Railcard promo code

Network Railcard Discount
  1. After purchasing and activating your Network Railcard, tap “Trains” on app.
  2. Choose departure and arrival station, date, passengers and Railcard. Remember to add your Railcard when booking train tickets to enjoy discounts.
  3. If using your Network Railcard to buy tickets, the discounts will be applied automatically to what you choose.


  • Do remember to check the validity of your Network Railcard.
  • If you don’t have any battery life, or have forgotten your device, it won't be possible to check that your Railcard discount is valid.
  • If you’re using a plastic Network Railcard, remember to take it when travelling and present it to the staff if necessary.

FAQ about Network Railcard

  • Can I use my Network Railcard to purchase tickets for other people?

    You can purchase tickets for yourself and up to 3 adults (aged 16 and above) and 4 children (aged 5-15) travelling with you in the designated area by Network Railcard.
  • Can I transfer my plastic Network Railcard to a digital Network Railcard?

    If you’re still using a plastic Railcard, you cannot swap it to a digital Railcard. However, when it comes to renew your Railcard you can do this online and choose to have a digital Railcard.
  • How do I renew my Network Railcard?

    You can renew your Network Railcard online through the official Railcard website. You can renew your Network Railcard 30 days before expiry. Simply log in to your Railcard account, select the Railcard to renew, and follow the payment process. Or you can take your Network Railcard to a staffed station ticket office in the Network Railcard area to process.
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Network Railcard Discount