Railcard Discount: Get up to 50% off on Your Railcard Tickets

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Railcard Discount
Are you a frequent traveller or commuter seeking a more affordable way to save big on train tickets? Trip.com has you covered with an exclusive Railcard discount that transform the way you travel by rail. Let us guide you through the benefits of utilising Railcards now!

🔥Discounted UK Railcards

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How to get Railcard discount?

With Trip.com, accessing discounted railcards has never been easier, allowing you to enjoy significant savings on your rail travel with just a few clicks. Find the right Railcard for you today and start enjoying at least 1/3 off train journeys. Stored directly in your Trip.com app, you can save every time you travel.

Railcard discounted price

Railcard Discount

Railcard types

There are many kinds of Railcard and each Railcard provides exclusive savings on rail fares.

TypeEligibilityCovered AreaAvailable TimeValidity
16-25 Railcard- Aged 16-25
- Mature student in full-time study
Across the UKAnytime, some may require a minimum fare1-year or 3-year from the date of issue
26-30 RailcardAged 26-30Across the UKAnytime, some may require a minimum fare1-year from the date of issue
Two Together RailcardTwo travellers aged 16 and aboveMost rail services in the UKAfter 9:30 am Monday to Friday and any time on weekends and public holidays1-year from the date of issue
Network Railcard- Aged 16 and up
- Up to 3 adults (aged 16 and above) and 4 children (aged 5-15) with you
London and the South East of EnglandOff-peak Mondays to Fridays and anytime on weekends and public holidays1-year from the date of issue
Family & Friends Railcard-Up to 4 adults (aged 16 and above) and 4 children (aged 5-15)
-Must include at least one child aged 5-15
Across the UKNot available for morning peak, for journeys wholly within London & South East Network Railcard area on Mondays to Fridays1-year or 3-year from the date of issue
Senior Railcard60 and overAcross the UK.Any time outside morning Peak hours in certain areas on weekdays1-year or 3-year from the date of issue
16-17 SaverAged 16-17Most National Rail services in the UKStandard peak and off-peak times, including evening peak, Monday to Friday.1 year from the date of issue or until the holder's 18th birthday, whichever comes first

Railcard prices

The Railcard provides exclusive savings on rail fares. You can get a Railcard for 1 year at £30 or 3 years at £70.

With Trip.com, all new Railcards cost £25.50 for 1 year and £59.50 for 3 years, giving you even more value for money (so the annual cost is about £19).

Here is the comparison of different types of Railcard:

Type1-year Price3-year Price
Original PriceTrip.com PriceOriginal PriceTrip.com Price
16-25 Railcard£30£25.50£70£59.50
26-30 Railcard£30£25.50--
Two Together Railcard£30£25.50--
Network Railcard£30£25.50--
Family & Friends Railcard£30£25.50£70£59.50
Senior Railcard£30£25.50£70£59.50
16-17 Saver£30£25.50--

*The price of the table is based on data from 2024.

Railcard savings

The Railcard offers 1/3 off train tickets and 60% off child rail fares. Take the Cambridge-London Kings Cross route, off-peak period as an example, the information below for your reference:

DiscountPassengerOriginal PriceRailcard Discounted Price
16-25 Railcard1/3 off rail fares1 adult£21.80£14.35
(saving 34.2%)
26-30 Railcard1/3 off rail fares1 adult£21.80£14.35
(saving 34.2%)
Two Together Railcard1/3 off adult fares for two named people travelling together2 adults£43.60£28.70
(saving 34.2%)
Network Railcard1/3 off adult fares and 60% off fares in London and the South East of England1 adult£21.80£14.35
(saving 34.2%)
1 adult & 1 child£32.70£16.35
(saving 50.0%)
Family & Friends Railcard1/3 off adult fares and 60% kids fares1 adult & 1 child£32.70£18.45
(saving 43.6%)
1 adult & 2 children£43.60£20.45
(saving 53.1%)
Senior Railcard1/3 off adult rail fares1 adult£21.80£14.35
(saving 34.2%)
16-17 Saver50% off adult rail fares1 adult£21.80£10.90
(saving 50.0%)

*The estimated price of the table above is based on data from 2024.

Advantage of Railcard deals

Railcard Discount

Additional deals & offers

Railcard deals offer more than just discounted train fares; they often have exclusive special offers. As a Railcard holder, you can enjoy up to 50% on theatre tickets, a 3‐month tastecard membership for free, 5% on a cottages.com booking, 5% on Hoseasons Lodges, Parks and Boating breaks, a free Shower Gel Bar Set and more.

Railcard might also offer you discounts on attractions, restaurants, hotels, and more travel expenses. Having a Railcard means extra savings in your pocket.

Save big

Railcard holders enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions, making rail travel more affordable year-round. For frequent commuters and groups, Railcard can help you save big on regular journeys.

Enhanced travel experience

You will enjoy flexible travel with different types of tickets, including Anytime, Off-peak and Advance. By saving money on tickets, Railcard holders can potentially afford upgrades or additional travel expenses.

About Railcard

Railcard is a discounted card for travellers, which can maximise savings and convenience on rail journeys in the UK. By presenting a valid Railcard when purchasing tickets, travellers can enjoy up to 50% off for adults and 60% off for children. Railcards not only make travel more affordable but also provide flexibility with ticket options, allowing passengers to choose between different types to suit different needs.

How to use Railcard?

Railcard Discount

Using your Railcard is easy!

Get started

After buying and activating it, just open the Trip.com app and click on 'Trains'.

Buy tickets

  • Then, select your departure and arrival stations, travel date, and the number of passengers.
  • Don't forget to add your Railcard details.
  • When you buy tickets through the Trip.com app with your Railcard, the discounts will be applied automatically to your selected tickets.

Enjoy your journey

Enjoy your journey and present your digital Railcard if necessary.

Tips for Railcard

  • Keep it valid: Make sure to regularly check the validity of your Railcard to ensure your eligibility.
  • For plastic Railcards: Always carry them with you and present them to station staff when travelling.

Where can you go with Railcard?

Railcard Discount

With a Railcard, you can explore cities all across the UK, from the bustling streets of London to the vibrant Edinburgh, and from the historic York to the waterfront beauty of Bristol. Some popular cities such as Manchester, Brighton, and Birmingham are all included. Let your Railcard take you on a journey to explore the diverse cities of the UK.

Special note: Network Railcard is only available in London and the South East of England. Some services may be excluded from Railcard.

How to apply the Railcard promo code?

Pre-booking proof

All Railcards are available to purchase through the Trip.com app. To purchase a Railcard, you will need:

  • Proof of age (UK driving licence/provisional licence, passport, or EEA national ID card)
  • A high-quality digital passport-style photo of yourself
  • Debit or credit card for payment

Get a Railcard

  1. Open the Trip.com app and tap "Trains" at the top of the homepage.
  2. Tap "Buy a Railcard" at the bottom of the page.
  3. Sign in to your Trip.com account and select a Railcard type that is right for you.
  4. Enter your personal information and purchase.
  5. Tap "My Railcards" to view your Railcard.
  6. Use your Network Railcard to buy tickets.
Use Railcard Discount
Use Railcard Discount
Use Railcard Discount

FAQ about Railcard Discount

  • I have a plastic Railcard. Can I swap it for a digital one?

    You cannot swap a plastic Railcard for a digital Railcard. However, when it comes to renewing your Railcard you can do this online and choose to have a digital Railcard.
  • Can I use my Railcard for group travel?

    Yes, some Railcards offer discounts for group travel, allowing multiple passengers to benefit from the same Railcard when travelling together.
  • Are there any restrictions on using a Railcard?

    There may be restrictions on peak-time travel, minimum fare requirements, and certain blackout dates, depending on the type of Railcard.
  • Can I use my Railcard to purchase tickets for other people?

    Railcard holders can purchase discounted tickets for accompanying passengers, provided they are named on the same booking and travel together. However, there may be restrictions on the number of accompanying passengers or the level of discount offered.
  • Can I use my Railcard for international train travel?

    Railcards are typically valid for domestic train travel within the UK and cannot be used for international train services. Separate tickets may be required to travel outside of the UK.
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Railcard Discount