③Finally understood how to play Forest Sea after much effort 😭 Please take note of these suggestions!

The forest sea this year is truly on fire, 😩 is there really no one to write a practical guide⁉️ The place is genuinely vast, and the fun is genuinely enjoyable, and it's great value for a one-ticket pass. ☝🏻 ③ Gaining experience, summarizing a day's itinerary and practical advice. 🈺 When to arrive? For the activities, arrive before 11 o'clock, first go for the most famous 🎢 water roller coaster. If you're bringing children, have a hearty brunch, arrive between 1-2 o'clock, take a nap in the car, and gather enough energy to play, play, play! 🔷 Itinerary Storage--Pirate Bay--Drifting River--Big Horn Big Slide--Beach Sand Play and Photography--Water Maze--Speed Slide--Forest Hot Springs--Giant Flood Canyon--Change and Wash--Fireworks ✅ Coming out of the second floor of the changing area, there is an aerial walkway, which is deserted, allowing you to quickly traverse the entire park. 🔹 Pirate Bay Go to Pirate Bay 🛶 in the afternoon first, it's shaded so it's not hot or sunny, very nice, various small slides 🛝, shallow water is safe, it's very suitable for children to play in the water. The drifting river next to it is suitable for the whole family 👨‍👩‍👦, the river slowly blowing wind~ comfortable. 🔹 Big Horn Big Slide 📣 There are very few people on the thrilling rides here 😱, you can go on them as you please~ super cool! Those who like thrills can go 3 times. 🔹 Beach It's very photogenic, 📸 there's shade from the trees so it's not too sunny, children can really play in the sand for half a day 😂, adults can enjoy the sun and the beach. There are performances from time to time, the atmosphere is lively, full of California vibes, 🏝️ young people don't miss out on the kayaking paddle board. 🔹 Water Maze The most fun area in the whole park, come here in the evening when it's not sunny, ☝🏻 there are more than a dozen big and small slides, 🤩 my little one had a blast. The speed slide next to it is about four or five stories high, the feeling of weightlessness and acceleration, thrilling! 🔹 Giant Flood Canyon On the way back, 😌 when it's dark and there are fewer people, the drifting in the Giant Flood Canyon will create waves 🌊 which are more thrilling, the colorful water house has small horns 📣, small skateboards, satisfying both children and adults who love thrills but are afraid of danger. 🔹 Fireworks Start at 8 o'clock, change and wash in advance, directly walk along the walkway to the beach, the view of the fireworks from the second floor walkway is even more beautiful, and it's more comfortable with fewer people 🎆. 🎈🎈 More fun around on the homepage~ I'm little K who loves to travel, my little one is 8 years old, I love to share travel guides, and I'm also keen on exploring places to take the kids around. ❤❤ ✅tips 1. You can't bring food into the venue, but you can bring water. 2. After the fireworks, leave quickly, there are fewer people on the third floor of the changing room. 3. Remember to bring a waterproof case for your phone.
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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