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Tulips at Prince Bay Park Hangzhou🌷❤️🇨🇳

#cherryblossom2024 🌸 Wake up at 8 o'clock: Ten thousand steps back. Speaking of this broken class, it's necessary to go to work. Wake up at 6 o'clock: I must take the climbing jar from Taizi Bay today. Taizi Bay Spring Limited Romantic Tulip String Ocean Phone. I left Taizi Bay to take photos of tulips. Today, the people in Taizi Bay, who are eight in the morning, still prefer to spend more time in the morning. There will be fewer people in the morning than at noon/afternoon. Even so, there are still many large tulips on the road to the west gate that haven't been opened yet. I will probably finish it next week. Anyway, the skewers are really beautiful. No matter how you shoot them, they will be released from the film store
Posted: Apr 14, 2024
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