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Spring Outing: Green Grass and Azure Seas, Enjoying Sunrise and Sunset

It's surprising that there is a small island in Hong Kong where you can witness both the sunrise and sunset. Located north of Sai Kung, this outlying island boasts lush green grass, azure seas, and blue skies, complemented by the warmth of the fishing village, offering a retreat from the hustle and bustle and a chance to relax and slow down. Where is this? Tap Mun, a small island on the east side facing the vast Tung Ping Chau, is a prime spot for watching the sunrise. There are many places worth visiting on the island, such as the ancient Tin Hau Temple, Lung Keng Ken, and the stacked rocks. It's definitely worth spending a day exploring, and you can also camp out to stargaze and enjoy the sunrise🌅! How to get to the starting point, Tap Mun Pier: Take a taxi from the University MTR station Exit B to Ma Liu Shui Pier, then transfer to a kaito, with a journey of about 1.5 hours. From Sai Kung town center, take bus no. 94 to Wong Shek Pier, then transfer to a kaito, with a journey of about 35 minutes.
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Posted: May 23, 2024
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