Forget about going to the Iron Buddha Temple, this place has fewer people and more flowers, making it a better spot for photography

I'm back in Huzhou to see the plum blossoms again~ Ever since I stumbled upon the Plum Blossom Observatory last year, it has become my personal moonlight in Huzhou for plum blossom appreciation. It's not crowded like the Iron Buddha Temple or the Plum Garden; this place is less known, tranquil, and more suitable for taking photos in peace. 🏠 Ancient Plum Blossom Observatory 📍 Located in Daochang Township, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, at the Zhejiang Liang Xi National Forest Park 🅿️ You can drive directly to the observatory entrance according to the navigation 💰 No admission fee, free parking
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Posted: Apr 7, 2024
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