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Lijiang Ancient City! This earthly paradise, are you sure you don't want to come in and take a look👀|| Looking for a poetic Jiangnan on the plateau In this life You should always come to Lijiang Ancient City once Look at the night view of the ancient city Listen to the folk songs in the bar Think about the little happiness hidden by the tedious life Feel the romance of the world🌹 🔍Tour guide: 1: Zhongyi Lane: Enter from the gate of Zhongyi Market to the ancient city (there are few tourists here, mostly locals, with many cheap fruits, snacks, and specialties), the stone road to the ancient city, also towards the snow mountain The direction of going up the mountain is full of leaves on the roof in autumn, and flowers blooming in summer, it's so romantic! 2: Xianwen Lane: It is also the romantic 'oil paper umbrella street', colorful Yunnan during the day, and warm retro alley at night~ 3: Cherry Blossom Restaurant: This restaurant wrapped in flowers and small bridges and flowing water, the architecture is indeed very beautiful, and it is also very good for taking pictures nearby. 4: Xinhua Street: Bai Sui Fang, the bar Street to the right of Sifang Street, the street during the day is very quiet, it is also the smallest bridge and flowing water section of Lijiang Ancient City, the flowers bloom next to each small wooden bridge in summer, it's so beautiful! The former 'One Meter Sunshine' started the Lijiang encounter story here. 5: Big Water Wheel: The once crowded big water wheel has been deserted for 3 years, and it has ushered in its spring again. This is also a classic point of Lijiang Ancient City. 6: Eye of Lijiang: Located at the entrance and exit of Dayan Flower Lane Ancient City, you can overlook the Lion Mountain Wangu Tower and the ancient city scenery, the night view is very gorgeous~🎆 7: Lion Mountain: The highest point of the ancient city, it takes about 10 minutes to climb up, and you can see the panoramic view of Lijiang Ancient City and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. 8: Dayan Flower Lane: 'I want to have a flower-filled island' so I walked into Dayan Flower Lane. Yunnan's characteristic cultural and creative, intangible heritage shops, and also the alley with the most flowers blooming in summer, it's worth walking around~ 9: Big Stone Bridge: Take a photo of the tree on the big stone bridge from the flower creek stone road under the bridge, the photo will look very good. 10: Mufu: The filming location of 'Mufu Fengyun', the ticket includes free explanation, the royal palace that is not inferior is worth a visit. 🚖🚖Play route: South Gate of the Ancient City👉July 1st Street (Wind Bell Street)👉Zhenxing Street (Lantern Alley)👉Big Stone Bridge (Cherry Blossom Restaurant)👉Bai Sui Fang 👉Xianwen Lane (Oil Paper Umbrella Street)👉Sifang Street👉Dayan Flower Lane 👉Eye of Lijiang Observation Deck Big Water Wheel🈴️Yuhe Square ‘Tips: 💗March-May is the flowering period when most flowers in Lijiang Ancient City are in full bloom, including cherry blossoms, wisteria, marguerite, roses, etc. 💗You must go up to the big Lion Mountain to take a look. There are too many people in the ancient city. The small road on Lion Mountain gives you a different feeling. The streets above are very clean, the buildings are very neat, and you can see the snow mountain and the ancient city in the same frame. Each alley hides a different perspective 💗When you come to Lijiang, you must eat cured ribs, it's so delicious, and there are also black goat hot pot, crossing the bridge rice noodles, flower cakes, tofu wrapped in sauce, potato chicken, snow mountain fish. 💗If you want fewer people, you can go to the ancient city in the early morning, which will give you a different feeling
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Jan 11, 2024
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