I took the photo of my life in Lijiang

Hi everyone, I'm Gedele Just came back from Lijiang, filled up my memory card! The off-season in Lijiang is really great to visit! Beautiful scenery, few people, very comfortable😌 〰️ ✅Winter is the off-season for tourism in Lijiang It's also the time when the sun shines on the Golden Mountain appears more concentrated Going to Lijiang this season, there is a high probability of seeing the sun shining on the Golden Mountain ⏰The sunrise is around 8 o'clock Many people will go to Deqin County, Yunsanping to see the sun shining on the Golden Mountain These places are all far away If you don't want to get up early❗️ Then watch the sun shining on the Golden Mountain in Lijiang City❗️ 📍Navigate to the southwest 2nd gate of Black Dragon Pool Park 🚗Only a 10-minute drive from Lijiang Old Town 🎫Free admission before 7:30 - ✅Yulong Snow Mountain Yak Meadow There are few people here, you can see the full view of Yulong Snow Mountain up close ▪️If you have good physical strength, you can hike up the mountain to see the sun shining on the Golden Mountain ▪️Self-driving/bus➕cable car The cable car can be taken around 8:30 65/person💰(round trip) It takes about 20 minutes to reach the top by cable car The scenery along the way is beautiful🍃 Under the contrast of the blue sky and white clouds The snow mountain is crystal clear Facing Haba Snow Mountain The magnificence of the snow mountain, the vastness of the meadow - ✅Don't miss Baisha Ancient Town A ancient town with a strong sense of life The viewing position on the second floor of Yiwatang You can take pictures of the mutual reflection of Baisha Ancient Town and the snow mountain - ✅In Shuhe Ancient Town, many shops that can go up to the roof and take pictures with the snow mountain charge💰, I found a castle inn in the ancient town 📍Lijiang Jiao Ancient Designer Castle Inn The roof of their homestay faces Yulong Snow Mountain Taking pictures with the snow mountain in the same frame is the best position I have found so far The entire castle is designed in Moroccan style, very unique The photos are very good! 〰️ 🚗 Share my three-day travel itinerary D1: Arrive in Lijiang-Lijiang Old Town-Shuhe Ancient Town D2: Yulong Snow Mountain-Yak Meadow-Yunsanping-Blue Moon Valley D3: Dragon Girl Lake-Yuhu Village 〰️ Now is the off-season in Lijiang, it's really comfortable! Staring at Yulong Snow Mountain in the old town and dazing Sunbathing with the dogs in the old town I think my life should be wasted in such a place~
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Posted: Feb 18, 2024
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