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Good heavens! This is exceedingly therapeutic, I have ventured into the fairy-tale world of the Hobbits.

Do you recall the Shire from "The Hobbit"? It was a land reminiscent of a fairy tale, inhabited by a merry and free-spirited group of hobbits. Nestled within the grassy knolls were quaint little houses, contributing to the enchanting charm of the Shire, a charm that seemed exclusive to the cinematic Middle-earth. However, if you wish to experience the hobbit-like dwellings in reality, it is indeed possible! In the romantically quaint town of Lijiang, there exists a shop that has been designed to mirror the hobbit's world. The exterior of the stacked houses is adorned with vibrant flowers. Surprisingly, this picturesque location is a noodle shop in the ancient city of Lijiang, where you can take photos similar to those of the hobbits while enjoying a meal. It's worth mentioning that the noodle shops in Lijiang are truly innovative. For 39 yuan, you can enjoy a bowl of rice noodles and receive five travel photos. However, those who bring their own cameras can also take their own pictures. Be prepared to queue for a photo session at their shop, which may require a wait of ten to twenty minutes. 📸 Photo spots: 👉🏻 The first-floor hobbit house, which even has a cute little rabbit inside. 👉🏻 The staircase next to the first floor is also a great photo spot. 👉🏻 The second-floor house is a popular choice, with the dining area opposite providing a good shooting location. 👉🏻 If you venture further up, you can take trendy photos of Lijiang's rooftops. There are also 2-3 photo spots on the roof. 📍 Hobbit Castle Travel Photography Bridge Rice Noodles (Yuegu Tower Store) 📍 No. 53, Xinhua Street, Upper Huangshan, Ancient City of Lijiang, Yunnan (On Lion Mountain) 🕐 Business hours: 8:30-22:30 💰 Average cost per person: 35-40 yuan
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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Lijiang | 新华街黄山上段53号
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