Monaco's dreamy azure coast vacation, you are my god!

Hi, the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday is coming soon👋, I want to share a super 🔥 secret with you: my long-cherished Monte Carlo seaside resort!✨ This trip is simply a dream come true!🌈 I came to Monaco's "Monte Carlo Secret Hotel" this time, and booked a very interesting parent-child suite early, as if I were in a dream world! I have to mention that the hotel's V.I.K parent-child service is very intimate, and has prepared many welcome gifts for the children who stay, such as fresh juice, chocolate lollipops🍭 and coloring sets. Game room, chessboard, mini football field, simply children's favorite! Opposite the Oceanographic Museum here, you can also take a sightseeing train to tour Monaco and feel the charm of this "City of Princes"! If you drive by yourself, you can reach the old town of Nice in 35 minutes. The surrounding short-distance South France tour is very convenient In the morning, I will wake up in the sound of the waves, and then admire the incomparable super beautiful sea view🍽️ on the balcony. In the afternoon, I will participate in water experience courses, such as surfing and diving, etc., and feel like I have become an adventurer!🏄‍♀️ If you are tired, arrange a hydrotherapy SPA to completely relax yourself😎 . Dinner specially went to check in a super fire🔥 Michelin three-star restaurant "Monte Carlo Louis XV-Alain Ducasse Restaurant", I heard that there will be a flash event during the National Day in Sanya Edison. The Michelin two-star chef of Blue Bay will be on the scene to cook. Don't miss the foodies! Facing such a beautiful sea view, wine and music are a perfect match🍻, the signature cocktail super great jazz style American bar, the hotel's Crystal Bar and outdoor wine lounge... This "legendary everywhere" place interprets a unique lifestyle for a century, and the entire azure coast gives an indescribable shock experience. The service of the entire resort is top-notch! Their enthusiasm made me feel very warm🥰 I want to strongly recommend this hotel to all friends who like luxury vacations and beautiful sea views! You will definitely fall in love with this dreamy vacation treasure!
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Posted: Feb 7, 2024
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