Pathfinder Episode 38: The Luxury of Jing'an Temple amidst the Bustle

24th Spring Festival Stop, Jing'an Temple. Surprisingly, the ticket price soared to 100 yuan per person during the Spring Festival, unexpectedly. This is Shanghai, or is it a temple? The feeling is somewhat discordant. It inevitably reminds me of a once-popular saying: There are temples donated by the people, but no schools donated by temples. 🌸 The Buddha's intention was not to create statues, not to engage in personal worship, and not to 'use the form of the defiled to represent the undefiled, thus corrupting the true Dharma', let alone to build glittering temples. However, there are Buddha statues, there are temples, and there are monks driving Ferraris... It's just like that saying, the scripture is good, but it has been misinterpreted by some monks. I respect the Buddha, but not those monks.
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Posted: Feb 24, 2024
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