Jing'an Temple in Shanghai

1. Reservation for incense offering: Search for 'Shanghai Jing'an Temple' on WeChat to make a reservation. Incense and flower coupons are available for 50 yuan, and you can enter at any time on the day of your choice. You may bring your own incense, but there is a fee of 10 yuan for a bundle of incense (three sticks) at the entrance. 2. Route selection: There are many commercial buildings around the temple, and there is a pedestrian street behind it. It may be difficult to park if taking a taxi, so it is recommended to take the subway Line 2 or Line 7 to Jing'an Temple Station. 3. Luggage storage: There are free luggage storage facilities at the south area B1 of the shopping mall at subway exit 8 and at the north area B2 of the shopping mall at subway exit 6. 4. Entering to offer incense: With the ticket purchased in advance, find the QR code on the reservation interface, and the staff at the entrance will scan it. If you wish to buy incense, turn right after entering where there is a stall. Incense can only be burned in the outdoor incense burner, and open flames are not allowed inside the halls, so you can choose to offer and burn incense before or after visiting the halls for worship. 5. Taboos and steps for worship: Do not step on the threshold, do not wear overly revealing clothes, do not take temple money out of the temple, do not throw coins, and do not toss money; sincerity is what matters most. 6. Photography tips: Try to take oblique shots of the pavilion scenes, take close-ups, and wear plain clothes rather than flashy ones for better photos. There are good shooting positions along the side corridors of the main hall, and the back side is relatively quiet. 7. Sharing on social media: Between seeking others and seeking oneself, I choose to seek Buddha. Between working and advancing, I choose to offer incense. I scoff at feudal superstitions, yet I kneel before the God of Wealth and cannot rise. I burn incense worth dozens of yuan, and make wishes worth millions. To ferry others, to ferry the heart, to ferry oneself. With a flower in hand and a smile on my face, I wish for good fortune and welcome auspiciousness. May the protectors of the void safeguard the unfulfilled fruits of Buddha, and may I first form good connections.
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Posted: May 24, 2024
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Jing'an Temple

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