aying in a Shanghai Disney homestay is like living in a fairy tale world, super comfortable

Shanghai Banchuang Homestay 🌈🌈A favorite of the kids at Disney Park😍 👉Which little girl doesn't have a princess dream👸 ~ 🏡: Shanghai Banchuang Homestay 🚕 Located near Disney, with shuttle bus service 📍: No. 551, Qicheng Village, Chuansha New Town, Pudong New District ✨✨The meticulously designed Moroccan-style corridor stands out in a white house with bold and bright colors. 🌈🌈The hotel facilities are also quite smart, equipped with a super large screen projector, intelligent voice-activated lights, electric curtains, bathtub, and exquisite toiletries... 🌈The super large starry sky swimming pool is full of mystery, with the twinkling water surface. When you open the window😉, the vast outdoor ocean pool is right before your eyes, who could resist! 💁‍♀️Excellent service: provides shuttle to Disney, luggage storage Free parking, breakfast, and strategy~ all for free! 👉Entertainment facilities👈 ✨Starry sky terrace, ins style small tents, infinity pool ✨Leisure tea room | Transparent slide, home theater ✨This is truly a cost-effective homestay with great aesthetics, ✨It will surely make the kids want to come back again and again. Bring your children to check in togeth
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
Carol Go
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Wish to drop there sometimes
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