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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Guyuan [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Guyuan. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jul 2024
  • No.1
    1203 Review
    "I have nothing to say, it is too wonderful, there are many people, but I saw various performances, especially the performances of miscellaneous dramas. It's just so wonderful, so long, still endless aftertaste. Definitely worth going."
    Yinchuan.Zhenbeipu Western Movie City Resort
    >100km from Guyuan
    Highlights: Manpu See Helan is an immersive performing arts town located at the foot of the Helan Mountains in Ningxia, China.The project starts from Helan culture, presents the beauty of Helan with super high appearance, awakens Helan culture with immersive performances, and tells the story of Ningxia with fireworks blocks, aiming to let the world truly see Helan and let the world see Ningxia again, giving tourists a wild journey to see themselves.The project focuses on performing arts experience and creates a 240-minute ultra-immersive night show, allowing tourists to have a new cultural and tourism experience that integrates immersive performances, eating Northwest cuisine, visiting intangible cultural heritage blocks, visiting art shops, soaking in local hot springs, staying in special theme homestays, etc., completely intoxicated by the starry sky under the Helan Mountains, and experiencing the magic of Ningxia in one stop.
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  • No.2
    265 Review
    "Went on March 3, 2024, the scenery is pleasant, the seven theme cultural blocks, the building is European style, is a holy place to take pictures and punch in. There are many amusement projects, fantasy flying, Marco Polo exploration, mining cars, jumping machines, all kinds of roller coasters. The musical is very shocking and the on-site effect is good. The dining is varied, with Shaanxi characteristics, the price is very close to the people, a trip worth remembering!"
    >100km from Guyuan
  • No.3
    1276 Review
    "Dunhuang Shazhou Wild Luxury Camp, the design of the desert hotel combines desert culture and art elements, making people shine. Close contact with nature: living in a desert RV, we can get close to the desert and feel the charm of nature. Value for money: Although the price is higher, it still feels good value for money considering the unique experience and excellent service."
    Lanzhou.West Railway Station
    >100km from Guyuan
    Highlights: Lanzhou Ocean World is a unique arctic-themed park, the first of its kind in Northwestern China. The park has all kinds of marine life from icy, polar regions. It also has special kinds of performances and entertaining activities suitable for the whole family. The marine life that can be seen and enjoyed here includes seals, adorable penguins, jellyfish and much more. Areas which visitors may enjoy at Lanzhou Ocean World include the Tropical Ocean, Rivers and Lakes, Dream of the Jellyfish, Under the Sea Dive and Beach Living.
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  • No.4
    667 Review
    "The environment is very good, the service is thoughtful, the staff is warm, and there are thirty or forty hot springs with different effects. Recommended cloud water secret, there is private space to rest, the roof can also see the ripples shaking, there is a separate bathroom in the room can take a bath, the outside of the small room is a "private pool", the water quality is cleaner than the outside. very good! recommend!"
    >100km from Guyuan
    Highlights: Tianshui Maiji Mountain is famous for its Maiji Mountain Grottoes. Maiji Mountain Hot Spring Resort Hotel is famous at home and abroad for its unique natural hot springs. Maiji Mountain Hot Spring Resort Hotel is located in the beautiful Tianshui, Jiangnan, on the south of the Saishang River. It faces the Maiji Mountain with thousands of niches and treasures in the south, Du Fu Thatched Cottage in the north, Shimen Peak in the east, and Fuxi Zuguatai Mountain in the west. The resort hotel has convenient transportation, 21 kilometers away from the railway station, and only 15 kilometers away from Maiji Grottoes, one of the four major grottoes in the country. It is an ideal holiday resort for tourists. Tianshui Maiji Mountain Hot Spring Resort Hotel borrows the magic of hot springs, the pastoral pastoral, the tranquility, the green mountains and valleys, and the fragrant grass, which are all fascinating.The newly built Maijishan Hot Spring Resort Hotel is divided into two parts: indoor and outdoor. The indoor hot spring hall (steel greenhouse) shows authentic tropical style. Coconut trees, waves, spa, and water recreation facilities form a hot spring paradise for the whole family. The resort's outdoor hot spring pool and hot spring house present a strong Chinese classical style. The small bridges, winding corridors, and the curling water vapor in the shade of green trees make you feel like you are in a fairyland. Maijishan Hot Spring has created a herb health area, a fragrant streamside area, a mountain hot spring area, etc., with an open-air ecological garden as the keynote, providing customers with a variety of bathing products and services. The resort hotel and conference and Dining center will meet the needs of business reception, group leisure, foreign affairs reception, etc.
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  • No.5
    312 Review
    "Free, but need to make an appointment, the address is easy to find, on the side of the main road, there is free parking, but not very big, can accommodate dozens of cars, May Day students are a little bit more, but fortunately, not crowded, a total of 4 floors, walking and watching flowers, 1 hour to see, science is very strong."
    Yinchuan.Jinfeng Wanda Plaza
    >100km from Guyuan
    Highlights: The Ningxia Geological Museum is located to the east of People's Square East Street and to the south of Helan Mountain Road in Jinfeng District, Yinchuan City. It is a provincial-level thematic museum that integrates modernization, high technology and local characteristics of Ningxia, focuses on serving the public, and takes into account the needs of scientific researchers. Outside the museum is the Geological Culture Square. Inside the museum are the introductory hall, Earth Science Hall, Life Evolution Hall, Geological Environment Hall, Mineral Resources Hall, Geological Work Hall, Gemstone and Ornamental Stone Exhibition Area,4DCinema. Collection of various rock, mineral and paleontological fossil specimens16000It has the functions of displaying rare mineral specimens, popular science education, scientific research, leisure and entertainment, and is an ideal place for the public to visit, appreciate, relax and entertain, and for geological professionals to conduct related research.
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  • No.6
    3163 Review
    taCommentScoreUrlbased on 3 reviews
    "I bought the night ticket and went to play with my friends. The price/performance ratio is good, especially for children who buy children's tickets above 1.4, they can play many adult projects. There are many performances to watch on holidays, and the atmosphere is particularly warm."
    >100km from Guyuan
    Highlights: The roller coaster in Lewa City · Lewa Adventure will make you feel an exceptional excitement and passion. There are many different types of roller coasters in the area to meet the needs of different groups of people. Lehua City • Lehua Joy World is divided into six theme areas: Lehua Happy Plaza, Panda Farm, Echo Valley, Boulder Mountain Range, Starry Woodland and Moonlight Lake. This place offers plenty of leisure shopping, parent-child activities, 4D movies and a variety of rides.
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  • No.7
    1027 Review
    "I came to a lot of locker rooms, Yang Chunhui, warm and thoughtful service, carefully help to remind the safety of the bath towels, and the water quality environment for the baby to wear clothes. Now Haiquan Bay has added a project to kiss the fish. It is very comfortable and the experience is particularly beautiful. Next time I bring friends and family to Haiquan Bay."
    >100km from Guyuan
    Highlights: The Haiquanwan Hot Spring is located in the China Geothermal City Square of in the center of Xianyang’s Century Avenue. It has extremely soft water. There are many culturally themed hot springs here, such as the Roman Bath, Turkish Bath and Russian-style Monica Bath. Visitors are invited to be immersed in the lush green surroundings, as the exquisite Chinese-style garden inspires a natural and tranquil feeling.
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  • No.8
    139 Review
    "The May Day holiday is fine, just come out to stroll, see the Qinling National Botanical Garden, I want to see! I read some travel notes, some said it was worth seeing, some people said it was completely meaningless! Forget it, I just saw it myself! Group purchase is more cost-effective, sightseeing cars are indeed worth it, because the park is relatively large, if you have good physical strength, like sports and plenty of time, you can choose to walk! The sightseeing car tour is about 2 and a half hours! The overall feeling is good, the natural scenery is good, there are flowers and grass, and there is a science museum. I feel quite worth it!"
    >100km from Guyuan
    Highlights: Located in Qinling, Jixian Town, Qinling National Botanical Garden is a comprehensive botanical garden integrating species conservation, scientific research and eco-tourism. There are cypresses, sharp-toothed oaks, red birches and other vegetation in the scenic area. There are also rare animals such as pandas, crested ibises, golden monkeys and takins. Walk through the park, you can experience the harmony between humanity and nature and feel the allure of the natural world.
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  • No.9
    391 Review
    "Bringing children, there are a lot of people on May 1st, and the queue time is very long, but it is good to have such an aquarium in the Great Northwest. There are a lot of children, there are performances, suitable for bringing children over to play"
    >100km from Guyuan
    Highlights: Lanzhou Ocean Park is located in Lanzhou High-tech Park, with a total construction area of ​​22,785 square meters. The venue consists of three floors above ground and one floor underground. The total investment is RMB 250 million, and the total water volume is about 6,500 cubic meters. The venue volume ranks among the top domestic oceanariums.The venue consists of 18 tourist areas, including the Ocean Plaza, Entrance Hall, Amazon Tunnel, Mangrove Display Area, Biological Specimen Display Area, Arctic Wolf Snow Cave, Penguin Harbor, Mermaid Theater, Undersea Tunnel, Dream Jellyfish Palace, Sea Lion and Otter Interactive Area, Dolphin Performance Hall, Ocean Science Museum, Deep Sea Dragon Palace, Science Corridor, Parent-Child Interactive Experience Hall, Cute Pet Hall, and Undersea Restaurant.Lanzhou Ocean Park is an ocean kingdom full of dreams and imagination, an ocean world that is educational and has rich social science educational significance.
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  • No.10
    339 Review
    taCommentScoreUrlbased on 48 reviews
    "Wuquanshan Park is located in the south of Lanzhou city of the lanlan mountain, lush forest, quiet and clear, tower pavilion, exquisite next to the beautiful. Because of the "manna", "moon", "touch Zi", "hui", "meng" five-eye springs are famous. Shi Zhuan Han Dynasty Wu and Yuan hunting for three years (120 BC) sent General Huo Qi to the west to go to the disease, once stationed here. Since Tang and Song, Lanzhou has been a "Silk Road ° heavy town. Also called "Wuquan County", "Lanquan County". Wuquan Mountain's architecture, now the earliest is "Chongqing Temple" in the "King Kong Temple", is the Ming Dynasty Hongwu five years (1372 AD) reconstruction. The rest such as "Mah Temple", "Thousands of Buddha Pavilion", "Dizang Temple" and other buildings, all of which are the Qing Dynasty Tongzhi, Guangxu years of re-repair. The cultural relics have the Jin Dynasty "Taihe Iron Bell" and the Ming Dynasty "Copper Connection Buddha", which are now provincial-level cultural relics."
    >100km from Guyuan
    Highlights: Wuquan Mountain Park is located on the south side of Lanzhou City and is a famous park in Lanzhou. Wuquan Mountain has a very long history. It is named after the legend that General Huo Qubing once whipped the mountain five times and hit the five-eye spring. Today, the spring water on Wuquan Mountain is very small, but many ancient buildings and temples have been built in the mountains. The park is lined with trees and the environment is simple and elegant. Here, you can climb the mountain for exercise, pray to Buddha, and climb to the top of the mountain to overlook the beautiful scenery of Lanzhou City. The relative height of Wuquan Mountain is not high. It takes about 1-2 hours to climb the mountain. The top of the mountain overlooks Lanzhou City. Many tourists come here and do not reach the top, and they can also see a good view of the city between the mountainsides. Most of the buildings in the park are distributed between the mountainsides. The famous ones are Junyuan Temple, Mani Temple, Reclining Buddha Temple, Ksitigarbha Temple, etc. Most of them are buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are children's amusement facilities at the bottom of the mountain, you can bring children to have fun, and it is also a place for the elderly to exercise, sing and dance in the morning. Next to the park, there is also a Wuquan Mountain Zoo, which contains hundreds of animals, which is suitable for bringing children to visit.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Guyuan?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Guyuan include:man pu · kan jian he lan yan yi xiao zhen, Silkroad Paradise, Lanzhou Polar Ocean World, Maiji Mountain Hot Spring Hotel, Ningxia Geological Museum
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Guyuan?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Guyuan include:man pu · kan jian he lan yan yi xiao zhen:4.9, Silkroad Paradise:4.2, Lanzhou Polar Ocean World:4.1, Maiji Mountain Hot Spring Hotel:4.6, Ningxia Geological Museum:4.8
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Guyuan located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Guyuan are mainly located in:man pu · kan jian he lan yan yi xiao zhen:Yinchuan, Silkroad Paradise:Xi'an, Lanzhou Polar Ocean World:Lanzhou, Maiji Mountain Hot Spring Hotel:Tianshui, Ningxia Geological Museum:Yinchuan