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Top 4 Night Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City - 2024

Updated May 2024
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    "Worth to visit. But I think the tix is a bit pricy. The scenery is nice. I can see all HCM. Especially at night, it's beautiful with a the lights. It also nice to see all the ao dai , national clothes of 🇻🇳"
    Ho Chi Minh City.Nguyen Hue Walking Street
    1.2km from downtown
    Highlights: Ho Chi Minh City Financial Tower is also known as the "roof" of the city. The tower is 262 meters high and has a total of 68 floors. The observation deck is located on the 49th floor. The building is located in the center of the first county of Hu City, invested and constructed by Pingming Import and Export Production and Operation Co., Ltd. The famous American architect Carlos Zapata used the lotus shape, a symbol of Vietnamese culture, in his design. Urban landmarks often become a benchmark for the economic development level of a city or a country. Ho Chi Minh's financial tower seems to be announcing to the world that Vietnam is not only a beautiful scenery, but also a gradually booming economy. However, in Ho Chi Minh City, which retains the elegant style of 19th-century French colonial architecture, this slightly abrupt modernist building is a bit out of place, and some people think that building such a high-rise in the city center violates the principles of historic preservation. The observation deck on the 49th floor of the building has a bird's-eye view of the entire Ho Chi Minh City and the crooked Mekong River. There is a special entrance to buy tickets and take the elevator directly. Although the souvenirs are a little expensive, the use of high-powered telescopes is free.
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    "The park near Ham Ngu Lao Road is calm, shady, clean, safe, there are many people running. There is a labyrinth stage for training and exercising in the garden as well."
    Ho Chi Minh City.Ho Chi Minh City Centre
    1.3km from downtown
    Highlights: Pham Ngu Lao Street is a place that appeals to backpackers. There are various grades of hotels and budget hotels all over the street, roadside shops, travel agency agents, foreign currency exchange points, restaurants of various flavors, western restaurants, bars, coffee houses and local specialties. Commodity stores are row upon row. The night at Pham Ngu Lao Street is very charming, the streets become lively, some quiet coffee shops during the day turn into lively bars.
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    "Landmark punch-in attractions, between the city hall and the Grand Theatre, there is a statue of Uncle Ho Chi Minh standing on the square, the kind of strutting. The square is much smaller than expected. Just look at it when you pass by. There are many shopping places on both sides."
    Ho Chi Minh City.Nguyen Hue Walking Street
    670m from downtown
    Highlights: The statue of Ho Chi Minh stands in the center of the square, with the old French buildings behind it, and the new modern buildings around are also brilliantly lit. There are many crowds and street performers in the square, and there are many cafes and small businesses on both sides. This is a good place to experience the night view of the city.
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    "Hot scorching sun, heavy traffic with countless motorbikes, but I would still come back here for the coffee, pho, and of course, shopping!!"
    Ho Chi Minh City.Nguyen Hue Walking Street
    579m from downtown
    Highlights: This is the full name of the Ho Chi Minh People's Committee Hall. It is a building with a strong French style. It was built in 1902 and completed in 1908. The city hall has only two floors, with simple lines, red roof and yellow exterior walls, which are particularly bright against the blue sky and white clouds. The building is lively and lively in design, and its details are exquisitely decorated. Sculptures with Western mythological figures and French heroes as the main themes are all over the pillars, door frames, eaves and other parts. Since it is an office, it is not open to tourists, but there is a small square garden in front of the city hall. In the center of the garden is a statue of Ho Chi Minh holding a little girl. Ho Chi Minh was never married and had no children. This statue symbolizes that Ho Chi Minh regarded Vietnamese as his sons and daughters and devoted his whole life without any regrets. Many tourists take photos with the statue and the city hall in the background. At night, the bright lights will be turned on here, which is one of the classic night scenes of Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, there are many vendors selling origami and other gadgets and fruit around the city hall, which is very lively.
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What are some Night Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City?
Some Night Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City include:Bitexco Financial Tower|Pham Ngu Lao|Ho Chi Minh Squares|People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City
What are some highly-rated Night Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City?
Some highly-rated Night Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City include:Bitexco Financial Tower:4.4|Pham Ngu Lao:4.4|Ho Chi Minh Squares:4.6|People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City:4.5
At what locations in Ho Chi Minh City can Night Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City be found?
The Night Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City are mainly located in:Bitexco Financial Tower:Ho Chi Minh City|Pham Ngu Lao:Ho Chi Minh City|Ho Chi Minh Squares:Ho Chi Minh City|People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City:Ho Chi Minh City