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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Nan'ao [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Nan'ao. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jul 2024
  • No.1
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    "Follow the light and meet, and walk with light. When the Dingdar effect occurs, the light has a shape. Xiamen Garden Botanical Garden, surrounded by mountains and sea, is full of greenery in all seasons. And in the tropical rainforest area, trees are another sea, wind is another wave, walking in the rainforest, moving forward to the light, pouring into the waves:"
    Xiamen.Xiamen University Area
    >100km from Nan'ao
    Highlights: A fairyland-like rainforest world
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    "It is worth going, there are many special projects, the performance is very beautiful, the literature and creation are also very interesting, I have a good time with my friends, the staff is also very enthusiastic, the space is large, and the specimen is also very good."
    Xiamen.SM City Square Area
    >100km from Nan'ao
    Highlights: Feel the fun of technology
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  • No.3
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    "Very suitable for adults who love to take pictures, it is really good to take pictures. When I met middle school students, the queue time was a bit long, but I felt the atmosphere of youth. The park is not big, there are not many projects, and the charges are a bit expensive."
    >100km from Nan'ao
    Highlights: Located in the coastal area of Xiamen, Xiamen Fantawild Resort combines high-tech achievements and local culture to create Fantawild Adventure, Fantawild Oriental Heritage, Fantawild Water Park and ancillary service base. It effectively promotes the technology level and originality of the cultural industry and fills the shoes of becoming a large-scale cultural base in Xiamen.
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  • No.4
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    "Very old hall, the performance venue is full of electric fans without air conditioning, but the health is good and maintained very well. The skeleton and specimens of sperm whales are still very precious, and the treasure of the town hall belongs to it. The performance can be said to be very basic, but there are more types of fish."
    Xiamen.Gulangyu Scenic Area
    >100km from Nan'ao
    Highlights: Xiamen Underwater World contains more than 10,000 marine animals covering 350 marine species from all continents and oceans. Get your cameras ready when you are at the entrance as there is a uniquely-designed octopus sculpture there. But, if that doesn't interest you, then head straight to the 80 meters long underwater tunnel where you can see the concave fish ponds on both sides and "swim" with tens of thousands of fishes coming in different shapes and sizes as they explore the magnificent underwater world. If you happen to be around during feeding time, the experience of seeing hundreds and thousands of fishes swirling together fighting for food is quite a sight.
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  • No.5
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    "This is the first time I brought my children to OCT East. Although it was May Day, because of the rain, there was very little traffic, and some projects were not opened, but I still had a great time playing, especially some of the movies inside were very exciting. Some children had to watch several times. It rains and goes up the mountain to see the scenery is more beautiful, smoky, and the fairy air is floating. The price of 50 yuan for the small train on May 1st is a bit too expensive."
    Shenzhen.Yantian (Dameisha & Xiaomeisha)
    >100km from Nan'ao
    Highlights: OCT EAST is a large-scale eco-resort created by the OCT Group. It contains a number of theme parks, including Knight Valley and Tea Stream Resort Valley. Knight Valley is dominated by natural canyon scenery and has exciting aquatic amusement projects. You can experience the Surging down the Rapids ride and an all-glass observation deck over the cliffs. Tea Stream Resort Valley has beautiful rural scenery with flowers in full bloom. It also has tea fields, tea gardens, and stylish ancient tea towns.
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  • No.6
    1197 Review
    "The tour experience is very good, the uncle who sails is very enthusiastic, and you can also play in a stable place. The sea is very clean, the surrounding sea and architectural scenery are very good~ In addition to being a little far from the city, it is very recommended"
    Xiamen.Wuyuan Bay Area
    >100km from Nan'ao
    Highlights: Located in Xiamen, Wuyuan Bay Marina is a gathering place for masted sailing boats. The water quality at Wuyuan Bay is excellent and its scenery beautiful. It is acclaimed by many sailors as "a rare bay, suitable for sailing sports." The bay is not overcrowded with visitors; you can see many yachts berthed in the marina, or catch the ferry to Jinmen not far from here.
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  • No.7
    570 Review
    "There is Kapibala, a small wish has been fulfilled, and there is no need to go to other cities to see it. The beluga show, the big circus is good, the others are also very fun, worth the fare."
    >100km from Nan'ao
    Highlights: Introduction to Quanzhou Olebao Ocean Kingdom Paradise Quanzhou Olebao Ocean Kingdom Paradise is located in Quanzhou Baxian Crossing the Sea Tourist Resort, Zhangban Town, Quanzhou Investment Zone. , international circus and other characteristic performances in one large ocean theme park. The transportation here is convenient and the location is superior. Haiwan Avenue, the "traffic artery around the bay" in Quanzhou, directly leads to the scenic spot. It only takes 30 minutes to drive from the center of Quanzhou. The scenic spot is 20 minutes away from the high-speed rail Quanzhou Station, 10 minutes away from Xindong Station, and 40 minutes away from Jinjiang Airport. Quanzhou O'Lebao Ocean Kingdom Paradise takes marine culture as the theme and is divided into eight branches: Whale Bay, Penguin Pavilion, Tropical Rainforest, Underwater World, Finless Porpoise Pavilion, Dolphin Pavilion, Swan Castle, and Fairy Tale World; the park has a grand lineup of seven stars Performances - Moby Dick Love, Dolphin Romance, Sea Lion Academy, Walrus Dance, Mermaid Legend, Water Ballet, and international circus feasts presented by Chinese and foreign actors - Orleburg Circus, bringing trapeze and royal cavalry , Extreme Magic Wheel, Global Speeding and other thrilling audio-visual enjoyment; introduced 20 sets of outdoor large-scale amusement facilities such as mine roller coaster, big sprint, sky flight, melee shark island, and created an indoor paradise exclusively for children--Fairy Tale World ; The Zhenghe Treasure Ship Hotel featuring the experience of the "Great Navigation Era", the Research Hotel with the theme of "Ocean Science Popularization", and the Zhenghe Ocean Hotel with the theme of deep sea exploration have been built to meet the travel needs of the majority of tourists in one stop.
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  • No.8
    5455 Review
    "The day's itinerary is quite rich. The animals are a bit old. But you can watch the giant panda without burden. There are a lot of interactions in the circus, the actors are enthusiastic, and the children like the circus very much."
    Xiamen.Jimei School Village/Xinglin Bay/Yuanbo Garden
    >100km from Nan'ao
    Highlights: Xiamen Lingling International Circus City is a Jiageng-style circus city with unique cultural elements. Visitors can take in the unique local architecture while experiencing thrilling circus acts. A Circus Theme Hotel, a Circus Magic Performance Street, a Natural Specimen Museum, and many more are all available. Together with various circus performances, visitors are sure to stay entertained.
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  • No.9
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    "Thanks to Huang Dao of the lollipop travel agency for his patient and informative explanation. Huang Dao is knowledgeable and humorous. He likes her explanation very much, so that we have a further understanding of Quanzhou's historical and cultural background."
    Quanzhou.Wanda Plaza/Fengze Square
    >100km from Nan'ao
    Highlights: Quanzhou Overseas Traffic History Museum is a museum in China with the theme of overseas traffic history. It is a national first-class museum. The museum was founded in 1959, and its original site is located on the east side of the Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou, a Buddhist temple. In February 1991, the main building of the new museum was completed on Donghu Street. In 2003, the "Quanzhou Islamic Culture Exhibition Hall" was built on the east side of the main building. These are all part of the Quanzhou Overseas Transportation History Museum. The theme of the Quanzhou Overseas Transportation History Museum is to reflect the ancient overseas transportation, the Maritime Silk Road, and various economic and cultural exchanges arising therefrom. The basic exhibitions in the museum include "Quanzhou Ancient Ship Museum", "Quanzhou and Ancient Overseas Transportation History Exhibition Hall", "China Boat World", "Islamic Culture Exhibition Hall" and "Quanzhou Haijiao Folk Culture Exhibition Hall". The ancient ship exhibition hall is the old museum located in Kaiyuan Temple. It is divided into 2 floors. It mainly displays the Song Dynasty sunken ship excavated from Houzhu Port in Quanzhou Bay in 1974 and its accompanying unearthed objects. The most worth seeing is the Song Dynasty ship model in the museum. . The Song Dynasty ship was unearthed at Houzhu Port in Quanzhou Bay in 1974. It was an early and large-scale overseas trade ship of the Song Dynasty discovered in China at that time. There are also a large number of cultural relics unearthed with the ship, which are very precious. The new museum is very knowledgeable and fun. Here you can see ten different crosses; you can know why Tamil is seen in many temples in Quanzhou; you can see the silk exported from the Silk Road at that time. and pottery; you can also know what weapons were used to resist Japanese pirates; you can also see many different religious tombstones. For those who like museums, study history, or like ship models, the Overseas Transportation History Museum is a must-see attraction. It fully shows the ancient Quanzhou commerce, religion and navigation. And there are very few people in the hall, very clean. If you are traveling with children, you can also bring your children here to gain more knowledge.
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  • No.10
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    "Riyuegu Hot Spring is the third time I have come here. As long as I come to Xiamen, I will come here. I suggest that you can take a ride by Didi and the taxi fare is about 50 yuan, and the journey takes an hour. Now his family only has a small car to and from the subway station. Each person has three large bath towels to collect by themselves. My package includes fruit buffet and a fish treatment. It is recommended that you buy a package directly in the store, which is more suitable than online group purchase, but you have to tell him that you want group purchase, he will give you a preferential price. Riyuegu Hot Spring is mainly a lot of special pools, there are swimming area physiotherapy area spa area liquor wine area wine area various herbs, various fruit bath area. There will be fewer guests on weekdays."
    >100km from Nan'ao
    Highlights: Riyuegu Hot Springs is a well-known hot spring in Xiamen. If you want to relax while in Xiamen, you must consider this hot spring. It has a rich Southeast Asian atmosphere, with a beautiful environment, a large area, a full range of pools, and very clean water. There are rich and bold white wine springs and red wine springs, refreshing and beauty-promoting milk springs and coconut juice springs, healthy and nutritious ginseng springs and angelica springs, as well as romantic rose springs and fog springs. There are also deep and shallow water swimming pools. Fish therapy and sand therapy are also available for an additional fee.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Nan'ao?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Nan'ao include:Xiamen Botanical Garden, Xiamen Science and Technology Museum, Xiamen Fantawild Dreamland, Xiamen Underwater World, OCT East
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Nan'ao?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Nan'ao include:Xiamen Botanical Garden:4.6, Xiamen Science and Technology Museum:4.6, Xiamen Fantawild Dreamland:4.7, OCT East:4.4, Wuyuan Bay Sailing Harbor:4.7
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Nan'ao located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Nan'ao are mainly located in:Xiamen Botanical Garden:Xiamen, Xiamen Science and Technology Museum:Xiamen, Xiamen Fantawild Dreamland:Xiamen, Xiamen Underwater World:Xiamen, OCT East:Shenzhen