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Top 5 Historical Sites in Xi'an - 2023

Explore Xi'an's deep roots and rich history with our list of the top must-see historical sites! Learn more about the city's culture, architecture and legacy.
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Updated May 2023
  • No.1
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    "Gather at 1:30 pm and set off. The trip to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses was a good experience. He guide with the group was very friendly. He told us about the history of Xi'an in the car and recommended many authentic foods. This time, it is worth recommending to go with the group."
    33.4km from downtown
    Highlights: The Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, also known as the Terracotta Army, is located about 1.5 kilometers east of the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor and forms part of the extensive necropolis. There were more than a thousand terracotta soldiers unearthed here, each with a different facial expression. Standing before the massive underground army, you will feel the extraordinary might of the Qin Emperor that enabled him to unify six warring states two thousand years ago. The Qin Emperor Ying Zheng began building the mausoleum for himself at the age of 13. Nearly 720000 men and 38 years were required to complete this vast project.
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    "Xi'an city wall is still worth a visit, especially the locals spend dozens of yuan to buy an annual ticket is very worthwhile. It is inconvenient for outsiders. The biggest disadvantage is that there are too few mouths and it takes a long way to go."
    871m from downtown
    Highlights: Xi'an City Wall is a landmark of this ancient city. The city walls that we see now were built in the early years of the Ming dynasty and they are now more than 600 years old. The walls were built on the foundations of the imperial city of the Tang Dynasty and they are formed together with a series of defensive installments such as moats and turrets. At present, Xi’an City Wall can be accessed by many city gates. Visitors can choose the nearest one to them. The South Gate is the visitor entrance of Xi’an City and is also the city gate with more tourists. Cycling on the ancient walls is a good experience. Riding on the wall overlooking the ancient capital of the thirteenth dynasty, you will have a feeling of travelling through time.
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    4.8km from downtown
    Highlights: The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an is located in Daci'en Temple in the south of the city. The tower is one of Xi'an's landmarks. Daci'en Temple was once a magnificent royal temple in Chang’an City during the Tang Dynasty. When Emperor Taizong was born, Prince Li Zhi built the temple in memory of his mother Empress Wen De. Monk Xuanzang, a famous figure in Chinese history, served as the first abbot of the Buddhist monastery. Monk Xuanzang translated Buddhist scriptures at the Daci'en Temple for 11 years and oversaw the construction of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda.
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    "If you don’t have enough time, don’t go. You can go shopping in half an hour. Tickets are 30, Bell and Drum Tower tickets are 50. The child asks the adult to hold it and climb up and fall asleep. It’s not necessary to find a tour guide. If you don’t find a tour guide, you can go and watch the flowers..."
    2m from downtown
    Highlights: Xi'an Bell Tower is a relatively complete clock tower in China. It was built in the era of Zhu Yuanzhang in the Ming Dynasty and has a history of more than 600 years. As one of the landmarks of the ancient city, the clock tower is located at the center of Xi'an. It radiates into four streets in the east, south, west and north, and connects with the four gates of the east, south, west and north of the Xi'an city wall. The lower part of the bell tower is a square base. The top is covered with dark green glazed tiles, and the apex is wrapped in authentic gold. Against the backdrop of the night lights, the entire clock tower is stunningly beautiful.
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    "Convenient transportation. The Bell and Drum Towers are near Huimin Street, and the two are not far away and only a few minutes away. The Drum Tower is closer. Easy to play. Both are only two floors, the slope is not large, and the stairs are like. The Drum Tower is higher and more flavorful. Standing above, you can see the prosperity of Xi'an. There is a museum in the pavilion, a wide variety of historical knowledge."
    332m from downtown
    Highlights: The Drum Tower in downtown Xi'an was built in the 13th year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty. It is over 600 years old. In ancient times, it was a time-keeping device. It is now one of the landmarks of the ancient city. On the south side of the Drum Tower, there is a plaque that says: "The Rich Land of Culture and Military". This plaque, together with the "The First Gate of the World" plaque in Shanhaiguan, are known as the "twin plaques of China". If you climb the Drum Tower, you can see a 1.8-meter-high drum. There are also 24 red drums engraved with 24 solar terms. They are very robust and impressive. To the north of the Drum Tower is theMuslim Quarter, which is a paradise for food enthusiasts.
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What are some Historical Sites in Xi'an?
Some Historical Sites in Xi'an include:Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum|Fortifications of Xi'an|Giant Wild Goose Pagoda|Bell Tower of Xi'an|Drum Tower of Xi'an
What are some highly-rated Historical Sites in Xi'an?
Some highly-rated Historical Sites in Xi'an include:Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum:4.7|Fortifications of Xi'an:4.6|Bell Tower of Xi'an:4.5|Drum Tower of Xi'an:4.5
At what locations in Xi'an can Historical Sites in Xi'an be found?
The Historical Sites in Xi'an are mainly located in:Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum:Xi'an|Fortifications of Xi'an:Xi'an|Giant Wild Goose Pagoda:Xi'an|Bell Tower of Xi'an:Xi'an|Drum Tower of Xi'an:Xi'an