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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Zoige [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Zoige. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jul 2024
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    "I forgot to get the pendant. The scenic distance is very suitable for me. It is not far away. I can see the panda after a short walk, but there is a panda who is still in business when he is sick. It is a little distressing. Generally speaking, it is more relaxed. 🐼"
    Dujiangyan.Sunac Land/Panda Valley
    >100km from Zoige
    Highlights: Panda Valley is full of adorable panda babies. Many of these panda babies can be seen taking part in outdoor exercise and training in preparation for their eventual release into the wild. This is an important ecological recovery and restoration project. In order to ensure that the panda babies are not disturbed, guests of the park are encouraged to visit quietly for a soothing atmosphere.
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    "Departing from Chengdu at 1 pm, arriving in 1 and a half hours, luck is bursting, there are few cars and people, there is no sun yet, enter the scenic spot at 2:30, many pandas are sleeping, lazy sheep, and return to Chengdu at 4 o'clock"
    Wenchuan.Gengda Town
    >100km from Zoige
    Highlights: Wolong China Panda Garden Shenshuping Base is located in Gengda Town, Wolong Nature Reserve. It consists of areas such as Shenshuping Panda Breeding & Visiting Area, Captive Panda Wilderness Training Area, and Field Release Area. It contains a Tourist Reception Center, Science Education Center, Scientific Research Office, and other related establishments. The base not only provides a comfortable habitat for captive panda populations around the world, but also provides the public with the opportunity to get close to the pandas.
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  • No.3
    20079 Review
    "In order to remember your smile, I desperately pressed the shutter in my heart. Simple and sincere is always the right time in any era. Three meals a day, I want to ask the way: Please tell me how to go to your heart?"
    Jiangyou.Fangte Oriental Mythology Playground
    >100km from Zoige
    Highlights: Mianyang Fantawild Oriental Magic is a large-scale high-tech cultural theme park carefully built by Huaqiang Fantawild Group. The theme park is the inheritance of Chinese history and culture. Through new content creativity, technological innovation and exquisite layout, it integrates myths and legends, historical allusions, folk customs and Bashu culture, allowing visitors to experience the Unlimited charm of the integration and collision of technology and culture.The park uses a combination of technologies such as dynamic dome flying theater, panoramic AR, integrated three-dimensional track, 5D dynamic effects, program-controlled magic bricks, and real-life performances to present visitors with a splendid picture of the essence of China's 5,000-year history and civilization in a way of participation, experience, and interaction. The park includes 11 unique large-scale indoor high-tech cultural theme projects and 34 outdoor recreation projects, as well as more than 200 special leisure landscapes and four theme restaurants, integrating sightseeing, leisure, interaction, and excitement.Visitors will experience a series of creative high-tech cultural theme projects here, including "Nuwa Patching the Sky" and "Nezha Conquers the Dragon King" based on classic myths, "Liang Zhu", "Meng Jiangnu" and "Water Flooding Jinshan" that interpret romantic and sad love stories, "Jiuzhou Charm", "Divine Painting" and "Idiom Fairy Tales" that combine education with entertainment and promote Chinese culture, and the thrilling and challenging "Shenzhou Tower", "Dayu Controlling Floods" and "Circus Carnival". The park also has large outdoor special landscape projects such as the Festival Square that reflects the great integration of various ethnic groups. In Mianyang Fantawild Oriental Divine Painting, people can feel the profoundness of Chinese history and experience the brilliance of modern technology. The park's diversified and personalized theme amusement experience will meet the entertainment needs of tourists of different ages, allowing the whole family to share high-quality joyful experiences.
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  • No.4
    2694 Review
    "I went on May 1st and I felt very good. Most children can play in the project. The weather is not very hot. There are not many people on May 1. There are also snow world and water world next to it. You can play 2-3 days at a time. The park is not big. You can also rent a walker."
    Dujiangyan.Sunac Land/Panda Valley
    >100km from Zoige
    Highlights: Chengdu Rongchuang Park is located in Yutang, Dujiangyan City, covering an area of about 515,000 square meters. With the theme of Shu culture, it has designed six theme areas: Tianfu Playing Capital, Shuhan Fengyun, Tibetan and Qiang Secret Land, Interstellar Legend, Adventure Garden, and Cute Pet Town , a total of 25 sets of large-scale amusement equipment such as Pilgrim Adventure, Flying Cinema, and Speed Hurricane, a large-scale theater performance "Alice in Wonderland", and "Giant Horse Triumph" float parade, "Sun Bird Great Lake Show" and other special performances. Tourists can take advantage of the equipment, watch performances, taste Bashu delicacies and interact with cute pets at close range. Various playing methods fully meet the travel needs of the whole family. Enjoy family fun and enjoy the mountains and rivers. Shopping malls, hotels, bar streets and other comprehensive facilities around the park are well-equipped. It is a "one-stop, all ages" carnival suitable for family outings.
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  • No.5
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    "Specially brought children to play, very happy, there is a coach to bring, but to give extra money to the coach, the only bad thing is that there is no place for parents to sit outside and wait, cold, sitting at the door cold to death."
    Dujiangyan.Sunac Land/Panda Valley
    >100km from Zoige
    Highlights: Chengdu Hot Snow Miracle has a total construction area of 80,800 square meters and is one of the largest indoor ski resorts in the world. With a total length of 1,200 meters of ski tracks, a maximum drop of 60 meters, 7 world ski tracks, and 2 terrain parks with super ski track configurations, you can enjoy the thrill of speeding to meet the comprehensive needs of beginners to enthusiasts. Professional-grade hot snow miracle sports The ski training center ignites your dream of flying in the snow. The world's first Tibetan and Qiang themed entertainment snow park takes you in the western Sichuan style to experience the snow-covered ice and snow secrets. It gives you a different dream experience. The unlimited joy of the four seasons is the ultimate summer Internet celebrity. Check out the new landmark Next, let's change into cool ski suits and ride freely in the ice and snow world! Chengdu Hot Snow Miracle, a professional-level ski resort, an entertainment snow park for the whole family. Make the snow in the North, and realize the dream in the south. Chengdu Hot Snow Miracle promises you a dream of ice and snow that never melts in all seasons.
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  • No.6
    1282 Review
    "Dunhuang Shazhou Wild Luxury Camp, the design of the desert hotel combines desert culture and art elements, making people shine. Close contact with nature: living in a desert RV, we can get close to the desert and feel the charm of nature. Value for money: Although the price is higher, it still feels good value for money considering the unique experience and excellent service."
    Lanzhou.West Railway Station
    >100km from Zoige
    Highlights: Lanzhou Ocean World is a unique arctic-themed park, the first of its kind in Northwestern China. The park has all kinds of marine life from icy, polar regions. It also has special kinds of performances and entertaining activities suitable for the whole family. The marine life that can be seen and enjoyed here includes seals, adorable penguins, jellyfish and much more. Areas which visitors may enjoy at Lanzhou Ocean World include the Tropical Ocean, Rivers and Lakes, Dream of the Jellyfish, Under the Sea Dive and Beach Living.
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  • No.7
    1370 Review
    "Chengdu Sunac Water World is still very good. There are many water projects here, especially the high-altitude slides. It is really cool to take a rubber boat to rush down from above. There is also a wave pool that is very comfortable, and it feels particularly good to follow the waves, as if it is at the beach."
    Dujiangyan.Sunac Land/Panda Valley
    >100km from Zoige
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    "It is worth a visit, I have asked the child to explain, for adults and children is a deep understanding of nuclear weapons and space knowledge, it is recommended."
    Mianyang.Fuleshan Area
    >100km from Zoige
    Highlights: Mianyang Science and Technology Museum is situated on the banks of the beautiful Furong River which echoes the Fule Mountain Scenic Area. The Chinese Scientist Sculpture Park and the Mianyang Museum are under construction. The theme of the Science and Technology Museum is two bombs and one star, and the main line is Nuclear technology. The core point of interest are the 4D nuclear explosion experience hall which is present on the second floor and the somatosensory game present on the third floor Changhong exhibition hall. The Mianyang Science and Technology museum forms the foundation and base for adolescent science education. The other facilities in this museum are also incorporated with science and technology. You can bring your children to visit here on weekends which will not only help them gain knowledge but also expand their horizons.
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  • No.9
    121 Review
    "The location and environment of the hotel are really nothing to say, the air is fresh and refreshing. Moreover, the indoor and outdoor hot springs here are rich and varied, especially the infinity hot spring pool under the snow-capped jungle. It is a great background for taking pictures. It is too filmed! Take a dip in the hot spring at night and look at the starry sky. It is not too romantic. The service attitude of the hotel staff is still very good."
    Li County
    >100km from Zoige
    Highlights: Located in the Ramada Hot Spring Resort Hotel, in the beautiful Gulugou-Miyalo Scenic Belt, the area is surrounded by sacred peaks, accompanied by canyons, beautiful mountains and clear waters, and picturesque scenery.
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  • No.10
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    "Bringing children, there are a lot of people on May 1st, and the queue time is very long, but it is good to have such an aquarium in the Great Northwest. There are a lot of children, there are performances, suitable for bringing children over to play"
    >100km from Zoige
    Highlights: Lanzhou Ocean Park is located in Lanzhou High-tech Park, with a total construction area of ​​22,785 square meters. The venue consists of three floors above ground and one floor underground. The total investment is RMB 250 million, and the total water volume is about 6,500 cubic meters. The venue volume ranks among the top domestic oceanariums.The venue consists of 18 tourist areas, including the Ocean Plaza, Entrance Hall, Amazon Tunnel, Mangrove Display Area, Biological Specimen Display Area, Arctic Wolf Snow Cave, Penguin Harbor, Mermaid Theater, Undersea Tunnel, Dream Jellyfish Palace, Sea Lion and Otter Interactive Area, Dolphin Performance Hall, Ocean Science Museum, Deep Sea Dragon Palace, Science Corridor, Parent-Child Interactive Experience Hall, Cute Pet Hall, and Undersea Restaurant.Lanzhou Ocean Park is an ocean kingdom full of dreams and imagination, an ocean world that is educational and has rich social science educational significance.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Zoige?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Zoige include:Panda Valley, Wolong China Panda Garden Shenshuping Base, Mianyang Fantawild Oriental Heritage Park, Chengdu Sunac Land, Chengdu Bonski
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Zoige?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Zoige include:Panda Valley:4.2, Wolong China Panda Garden Shenshuping Base:4.5, Mianyang Fantawild Oriental Heritage Park:4.9, Chengdu Sunac Land:4.4, Chengdu Bonski:4.6
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Zoige located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Zoige are mainly located in:Panda Valley:Dujiangyan, Wolong China Panda Garden Shenshuping Base:Wenchuan, Mianyang Fantawild Oriental Heritage Park:Jiangyou, Chengdu Sunac Land:Dujiangyan, Chengdu Bonski:Dujiangyan