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The essence of North Queensland is here! 1The most popular summer resort in Cairns: Josephine Falls Josephine Falls is located in Wooroonooran National Park, Wolong National Park, one of the five most beautiful waterfalls in North Queensland ! In addition to the waterfall itself, it is also a unique natural waterway. It is basically a local people here. It is a good place for swimming in the summer! When you enter the park, you will be surrounded by a dense rainforest! Naturally, in order to compete for the sun and moisture, these rainforests are particularly tall, and only in the tropics can you see such a scene! This is a natural oxygen bar, and it is also a good place to take a summer break! The Josephine Falls has three floors, the bottom layer is suitable for splashing water, and the water is good to try this natural slide! 2World Natural Heritage: The Maum Rainforest Skywalk is also part of the Wolong National Park, a World Heritage Site recognized by the United Nations! This is also the place where Australian aborigines lived. Until now, this rainforest still belongs to the Ruirubala tribe of Mammut indigenous people, meaning people belonging to the canyon, and Mam Rainforest is their home! The typhoon in 2006 swept the entire Mam rainforest, but it also provided favorable terrain for the site selection. In 2008, the Australian government spent 10 million Australian dollars to build this Mam Rainforest Skywalk. The edge, platform and seats of the trail were made of 900,000 100% recyclable plastic bottles. Zinc materials, in order to reduce the damage caused to the rainforest, environmental protection work is quite in place! The has three main structures, the most impressive of which is the highest viewing platform in North Queensland, 37 meters high, and the safest viewing platform, capable of withstanding typhoons with a speed of 300 kilometers per hour! The observation deck overlooks the highest mountain in Queensland, and the North Johnston River at the foot of the mountain provides abundant water for the nearby sugar cane factory! From the highest point overlooking the entire rainforest, it is spectacular! 3The City of the Sky Paranila Park The atmosphere of the night tour is especially suitable for listening to the touching story of the park creator Jose! Paronella Park Paronella Park is the inspiration for the famous Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki to paint "The City of the Sky", so the park also has another name for "City of the Sky"! The beautiful and ridiculous style of the park covered with moss attracted many power stars to come to the scene, and Twins also came here to shoot a photo album! The park and the founder have a touching story. Its not spoiled here. Be sure to listen to it yourself, maybe it will change your destiny! At the end of the trip, enjoy the special program of the park lighting concert in front of the park's largest castle! In addition to Hayao Miyazaki's "City of the Sky", there are also "Liang Zhu" in our country! The mood is quite beautiful! At the exit of the park, we met the current operator Mark Evans, who introduced the whole process of encountering, managing and inheriting the spirit of the park to the guests who participated in the night tour! The full length of more than 6 minutes is smooth and uninterrupted, and the eloquence is first class! Finally, Mark gave each guest a mysterious little gift. It was a small piece of material from the castle built by Jose, because the typhoon in 2006 blew a part of the outer wall of the castle, so the park Cut this part of the material into pieces and give it to the visitors who came to visit. It also reminds them that they hope to pursue the same dreams as Jose. Jose's dream was realised,may all your dreams also come true!
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