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Ranked #3 in Changde Amazing Natural Scenery
"Taoyuan Xingde Mountain, located in Reshi Town, Taoyuan County, Changde City, is more than 800 meters above sea level. It is a provincial geological park with lush forest vegetation and diverse species. The cold Siberian air takes away the vitality of trees, leaving the mountains and plains with yellow autumn leaves. Leave a solemn atmosphere to the Taoist Holy Land Star Womb, Xingde Mountain is divided into front and rear gates. There are nine kilometers at the foot of Qianmen Mountain in Reshi Town, which is an uphill form. Those with aspirations can walk from the town to the foot of Qianmen Mountain. At the foot of the mountain, there are camping sites, parking lots, public toilets, two pavilions from the foot of the mountain to the mountainside, and there are stone Xingdeshan gates on the mountainside. There are two uphill roads to the mountainside and one mountain top line. The whole climb is beautiful. A mountainside line, flat terrain, little scenery, suitable for women. There is also a trail that should be the back of the mountain, Xingdeshan has the main hall of the Star Uterus. There are several Taoist temples in front of the Star Uterus, the cemetery of the Taoist priest, and at the back there are five Taoist temples, including the God of Wealth Hall, Guanyin Pavilion, Lingxiao Hall, and Sanqing Temple (there is one forgotten to call it) , The main hall is guarded by a female master, I took the first train from Changbei to the Cili minibus and got off at Reshi Town, and asked the motorcycle to get off at the front door. I went up the mountain and met the mountain ranger. I was reminded that Master Xingwu was not far away and worked hard. Climbing the mountain, I ran into the master halfway, and saw the cute weasel, followed the master to the star uterus, along the way, made six wishes of the same style in the star uterus and the five Taoist temples behind, and personally set off firecrackers, incense candles, and firecrackers for a total cost​ About 120, I ate a bowl of plain noodles. There are no tickets for Xingde Mountain and Xingyu. It only takes half an hour to descend. Spring and early winter are sunny and snowy days. The mountain roads are all stone roads. Pay special attention to safety. Traffic route: Changde North Bus Station to Cili minibus, get off at Reshi Town, the fare is 17 yuan, Play time: 150 minutes​, no tickets."