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Xianlong Gorge DriftingNearby City

Xianlong Gorge Drifting

4.4/5756 Reviews
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"⛰️ Attraction play: Book tickets in advance, holidays are more expensive, more than 200 tickets, is also a high price. The parking space at the gate 🅿️ is not much when you go, but enough. Summer must be arranged in advance to float. After the ticket is changed at the gate, the retrograde shoes are given. The bathroom 🚻 has a gate. There is also a bathroom in the gate. The inside can take a bath and change, but, to be honest, there is a lot of water in the area, the ground is not clean, and the bath after the rafting is cold water. The bathroom still feels not very in place. There are rental boxes, 15 times. Come out and sell water guns 🔫 and ah, such as ah, do not buy in advance must buy on site, otherwise it is not very interesting. Helmets and the like are the last batch of wear back, very wet, the key we did not buy oysters, later into the water too much can only take off the helmet to splash out. The whole journey has about half an hour of tracing the stream, which is also very interesting. The whole rafting is often in 1H, the children like it, and they are very happy. 🚗 Traffic accommodation: It is recommended to drive by yourself, which is more convenient. If you stay, the surrounding area is close to the Yunshang Grassland and the Well Gorge. You can all go together. After rafting, ginger tea can be drunk free of charge. 📌 intimate TIPS: 1. Must prepare water gun and cockroach in advance, water gun to the long-stalk type, the power is relatively large. Mobile phone shell must buy waterproof. I can shoot several exciting shots. 2. Whether you know it or not, rafting is fun and atmosphere. 3. Overall it is not very dangerous, and the waiting time is good, there is no queue when we arrive."