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Things To Do in Belfast

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Memorial Hall
徐团When it comes to Belfast, Northern Ireland, there are probably not many people who know it; but when it comes to the Titanic, which is the birthplace of the ship, the building stands on the site of the Belfast Shipyard. It is here that the Titanic luxury ship was designed, built and launched. It is certainly necessary to visit the Titanic Museum. The Titanic Memorial gives us a glimpse of the ship's discovery 100 years ago, with the first class (last picture), second class, third class, meals, etc., which were restored to reality. It is an unforgettable memory. The memorial has a guide map in Chinese.
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Historical Architecture
juki235Belfast City Hall is the most famous building in the entire Northern Ireland region. It is a typical Gothic building. The green vault is his symbol. The entire city hall is very grand. It is open to the public. You can make an appointment to visit it. It is worthwhile to learn about the history of Northern Ireland.
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Ancient Settlement
sculptorBelfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland. By the early 19th century, Belfast had become a major port. It played a key role in the industrial revolution and became the world's largest flax producer. Shipbuilding is also a key industry. The Harlan and Wolf shipyards that built the RMS Titanic are the largest shipyards in the world. Belfast has been the capital since the establishment of Northern Ireland in 1921. Here was the scene of various factional conflicts between its Catholic and Protestant populations. In this conflict, these opposing groups are now commonly called Republicans and Loyalists, respectively. Bombing, assassinations and street violence are the background of the whole troublesome life. Since the peace agreement was reached in 1998, the Belfast city centre has been expanded and updated.
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Featured Neighbourhood
juki235The Peace Bridge is a beautiful landscape in Belfast. It not only represents a very miserable history, but also represents the hope of the people of Northern Ireland. The walls are filled with various graffiti works, most of which are paintings representing peace in Northern Ireland. Some graffiti works are very moving and worthy of everyone's appreciation.
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陌染MMBelfast Castle belongs to the luxurious Scottish architectural style. It was built by the Marquis of Donegal in the 1870s. There is a beautiful garden and a cultural center outside the castle. The cultural center displays some exhibits about the castle for a long time. , The castle is located on Cave Hill and can see the beautiful scenery of Belfast City and Belfast Lake. The castle is an excellent place for meetings, weddings, celebrations and other events. Other facilities in the castle include a wine cellar. Restaurants and wine cellar antique shops. The restaurants here often have private events. When I came, it happened to be a private venue, so I could not go in and visit. Address: Belfast Castle, Antrim Road, Belfast, County Antrim, Belfast, BT15 5GR Route: Take 1B, 1D, 1E, 1F from Upper Queen Street in the city center to Belfast Castle Antrim Road station, 40 minutes by car. Opening hours: Front desk: Sunday and Monday 9:00-18:00, Tuesday to Saturday 9:00-10:30, Castle Shop: 11:00-16:30 Tickets: free
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juki235Belfast Church, also known as St. Anne’s Church, is the largest church in Ireland. It has a history of more than 100 years and is the main attraction of Belster. It is unique regardless of history, size, architectural style, and carving techniques. Amazing architectural masterpiece.