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Things To Do in Fuquan

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64 Reviews
M31***10[Scenery] The scenery is really good 👍 But everyone said that the ticket was 10 yuan. Why did I go yesterday and the ticket was 40, with a child of 1⃣ 50 yuan, was it cheated?
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利普斯维尔王弥The second time I went, the weather was normal. If there is no sun, it would be a bit cold even in the summer drifting in Guizhou. The water is quite good and crystal clear. After the rafting, the bathing facilities are very general, and the residents must be strengthened
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Cultural Experiencial Area
我不是李亚鹏Fuquan Ancient City Cultural Tourism Scenic Area, located in the urban area of Fuquan City, Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, is a national 4A-level tourist attraction. It mainly contains three scenic spots: Fuquan Mountain, Tai Chi Cultural Park and Sajin Valley. The scenic area is rich in historical relics, including the Confucian Temple, Fuquan Well, Caoxie Well, Ancient City Wall, Xiaoximen Water City, Gejing Bridge and other more famous attractions. . "One city, one mountain, one gorge, one god, one immortal and one blessed land" is the multi-cultural heritage nurtured by Fuquan's 2,300-year history. (One City: Fuquan Ancient City; One Mountain: Fuquan Mountain; One Canyon: Sajin Valley; One God: Shen Wansan, God of Wealth; One Immortal: Zhang Sanfeng; One Fortune Land: Fuquan) Fuquan Ancient City is a famous cultural city with a thousand-year history, and it is also Guizhou Famous Taoist cultural sacred place. Integrating ancient city culture, business sage culture, and Tai Chi health culture in one city, it integrates canyon sightseeing, health care vacation, leisure and entertainment, with splendid culture and beautiful scenery.
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行有域心无疆Gejing Bridge is located in the southeastern suburb of Fuquan City. It is a Ming Dynasty stone bridge on the ancient post road across the Maha River in Beijing and Yunnan. Built in 1618, it was listed as a national key cultural relics protection unit. This bridge was built by Ge Jing, a local tycoon in the Ming Dynasty. In order to solve the problem of the post road being blocked by the river, he paid his own money. It took 30 years and suffered two failures before it was built. The locals call it "tofu bridge" for two reasons. One said that the bridge was built of square stones and looked like pieces of tofu; the other said that the bridge was short of stones when it was built, and Zhang Sanfeng asked the villagers to send pieces of tofu. , Zhang Sanfeng ordered tofu into stone. Obviously the first statement is more reliable. It was not easy to build such an ingeniously designed and majestic bridge with the help of the people. The famous bridge expert Mr. Mao Yisheng evaluated this bridge in the book: the project is arduous, majestic, and "the crown of southwest bridges". Ge Jingqiao has a history and a story, but it is “hidden in a deep boudoir without knowing it”, and it is completely primitive at present. Not developed into a scenic spot, not many people know about it, and even fewer people have been there. Gejing Bridge is only 3.5 kilometers away from the ancient city tourist service center near the south gate of Fuquan City, and it is a 45-minute walk away. If you drive there, there is a small parking lot by the river. After parking, you can go directly down to the bridge along the stone steps. This is not a scenic spot, there seems to be no health service staff, visitors should not leave garbage.
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City Park
_We***05I like this place, it was so excited and unexpected. it’s very beautiful place and really scenic.
Nearby City
12 Reviews
M42***16Wenfeng Square in Fuquan City is a good place for leisure and entertainment. Wenfeng Tower is one of Fuquan’s landmark buildings. It is the best place to gather culture and visit in Fuquan. If you don’t go to Wenfeng Square in Fuquan, it will be you Regretful start

Fuquan Weather

16 Oct, 2021
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17 Oct, 2021
6 / 10
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19 Oct, 2021
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20 Oct, 2021
Light Rain
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21 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Fuquan
16 Oct, 2021 Fuquan Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 74%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:50/18:21
Fuquan Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low