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Historical Site
流炎飞雨The place that was chartered by special car. It is the sister cave of Mogao Grottoes, which is well preserved and there are not so many tourists. The whole tour process takes about two hours, and the 40 yuan ticket includes 5 ordinary grottoes tours and introductions. You can see the Tang Dynasty from the grottoes in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are many works from the Western Xia period in the Yulin Grottoes. They are very beautiful, lifelike and very strong storytelling. There are also 4 special caves that can be purchased extra, which is highly recommended.
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Historical Site
D78***88Navigate correctly, you can arrive more than a kilometer from the high speed. The scenic spot is not big, it seems that it has not been developed yet, mainly a museum and ancient city ruins, run fast, half an hour is enough. There is no parking lot in the scenic spot, you can stop at an abandoned gas station opposite. When I came, there were no other tourists in the scenic area, just a staff member, very enthusiastic, the exhibition hall lights on, let me visit, the most impressive is a Qing Dynasty dry corpse, quite scary, did not dare to take pictures.
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bluecrane[Location] Guazhou Bus Station will come down and walk for ten minutes. [Opening hours] Tuesday to Sunday morning 8:30-12:00, summer afternoon 15:00-18:30, winter afternoon 14:30-18:00. Other museums in Guazhou are the same [sweating] [service] without appointment, brush ID card + copy the ID card information by hand (what's the meaning of brushing ID card?) Free storage for shoulder bags. Free explanation, but the level is quite limited. The attitude is very good, after the work hours, the sister did not urge us. [Exhibits] only on the second floor, the right-hand permanent exhibition, here are a few photos of first- and second-class cultural relics. The left hand is on the exhibition, which is currently vacant, and may be exhibited in five minutes.
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City Park
三少四夕From Jiayuguan to Yulin Grotto, by the way, go to the high speed to Guazhou Zhangzhi Park for a turn, Zhangzhi, Boying, the Eastern Han calligrapher, people calligrapher of grass book, the park is built very large, the scenery is pleasant, the shade is shaded, the bridge is running water, we went around, rare people, very quiet, I loved the experience, unfortunately the exhibition was not open
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Water Conservancy Project
美梦成真123!!Large reservoir, lake green, blue waves, the two sides of the scenic, quiet far-away.
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juki235The temple of the Buddhism of Han Dynasty in Uashu, where Master Xuan Zhai lectured, taught disciples, the Hu people's stone panda (the original of Sun Wukong). The tower is the British Steiner's hole in 1907, stealing many books inside, the tower also called "Tibetan Jingge" dear friends if there is time to walk here!

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Guazhou
22 Oct, 2021 Guazhou Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 32%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:55/18:48
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