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City | ​​landmark
烤椰子Sitting on the grassy ground on the Tanasa coast, holding a book or just gazing at the vast ocean, watching the blooming flowers dance in the sea breeze, enjoy the time with yourself, and gain new insights. "The beauty of the years lies in their inevitable passing. Spring flowers, autumn moons, summer, winter snow. If you are in full bloom, the breeze will come. "---I believe this sea will always be silent and blue in the memory of visitors.
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Other Places of Worship
王怡嘉At the shrine on Tanesashi Coast, there is a place where many seabirds inhabit. But because the main hall was destroyed by fire, now it can only be seen under the steps. The shop selling shrine souvenirs has also moved to the opposite side of Torii. The scenery along the coast is good.
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WchzhnA trip to Wudao, to be honest, there is nothing to see.
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Observation Deck
北晨南希How can you say that the Observatory of Mauzaki, a small crowd, is a good place to go to the sea? It is located at the foot of the mountain below Mong Kok Lighthouse. Not only are there no tourists, not even a few locals! But on the Internet, it is Hachinohe City's third-ranking attraction? In short, less people go to less people, can not prove that it is not fun here. I and local friends picked a sunny day, he drove his car to bring me. Some people near the entrance here sell that kind of cream snack, not expensive, eating feeling quite good, sweet but not greasy, the entrance is melted, five stars. Then we walked out of the parking lot for about 15 minutes and finally reached a viewing platform. It was supposed to be the Mangyuzaki Observatory. Stones piled up on a slightly higher hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The wind is quite strong here, here can see the waves hit the shore very intuitively, see the endless sea and horizon, the view is very wide, take a picture is also excellent. The place does look a little run down but have to say the views are superb and really not crowded, there is also an open air cafe but it was closed when I went. It's a bit of a pity otherwise you can have coffee and watch the sea.
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幸福晴晴晴Hachinohe Nejo Nejo, a national treasure of Japan, is considered a completely historical site. It is also known as one of the TOP100 sites in Japan. It is considered a protected site. Friends like this historical site and I plan to visit it. @@@@History I took the bus in the afternoon and went directly to Gencheng. Genji is on the west side of Hachinohe city center. I got off the bus and walked a distance. A piece of wood with a sense of age, because the buildings are sealed. We were not allowed to visit. We walked over the small wooden bridge and a simple building came into my vision. This building was built in the Jianwu year of 1334. It turned into ruins in 1664 and was gradually restored. @@@@Appearance I walked on the lawn, looking at the wooden buildings, white windows, and the decorations made of small wooden fences on the left and right of the house, the low walls, the high roof, and it was very sunny. I look at this quaint building recalling the depressive and tense social atmosphere of the Bushido period. I can’t help feeling that this building also gives people a particularly depressing feel. My friend is very happy. The main palace is very large. It’s very grand, and it feels like a noble life. This house has a complete configuration. Although it is only partially restored, the horse ring Qulun and everything are there, which is really good. If you really like this kind of historical architecture, Gencheng is a good choice. TIPS: The address is the west end of the center of Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture. It is very close by bus.

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Tanesashi CoastHachinohe,Japan

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Hachinohe ParkHachinohe,Japan

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Ashigezaki LookoutHachinohe,Japan

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JMSDF Hachinohe Air BaseHachinohe,Japan

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Korekawa Archaeological MuseumHachinohe,Japan

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Samekado LighthouseHachinohe,Japan

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