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Things To Do in Hailin

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_We***10When I went, the weather was hot, the tigers were not very mobile, but it was enough to satisfy the child's curiosity. The special highlight was the instructor Su Shi, who gave a careful explanation throughout the journey so that the journey in the hot weather did not feel a bit dry. The communication was that it was a volunteer for a university student. It is rare for a freshman to have such responsibility and professional love. You will have a bright future!
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M70***96Okay, but there are too few people, and the scenic spot is a bit deserted. Maybe it was the off-season when I went. The most interesting ones are Jiapigou Village and Mighty Hall. Jiapigou Village has a strong atmosphere of villagers, and the Eight Diamonds in Mighty Hall are very vivid.
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Trip.com OfficialStroll around this charming snow village, watch the sunrise from Yangcaoshan Hill or simply immerse yourself in this winter wonderland Can you guess how long winter lasts in here?
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M30***62This time I went to Xuexiang from Shanghai for the first time with a nervous heart, because my friends said it was too expensive. Before we stayed at Xuexiang Dream Home, Brother Chu helped us contact the chartered car (seven seats) from Harbin to Xuexiang. The round-trip price was 1,800 yuan. When we arrived at Dream Home, the manager Bao Ge was also very attentive, introducing us where we should go and what the price is. The group meal we ate at Dream Home is also relatively affordable (eight dishes are given away), I add a special dish (168 yuan), and drink a few bottles of beer for more than 200 yuan, we think it is quite affordable (we also brought from Harbin For some cooked food, Dream Home Hotel does not charge extra). All in all, this trip to Snow Country: Two-person turn, skiing, snowmobiling, snow climbing, etc. I have a lot of fun.
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yangniziTo the big baldingzi mountain, is the travel agency guide highly recommended down, when the road has been worried about cheating. But the snowmobile that came in first gave us surprise and excitement, and the scenery that climbed up the hill to the mountain was more shocked me, beautiful completely forgot the cold, came to the mountain as if entered the ice kingdom, the jade tree silver flower, crystal clear. The mountain is really called the big balding top, shape like "steam", the top is a flat, almost no trees, are low flowers and grass, here is the treasure house of alpine plants and the cradle of wildlife. In this fairyland of the big balding top mountain, I feel the beauty of nature. You'll get a different surprise if you get a chance to go there too.
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-自由飞翔_Leymus Mountain is located in the "China Snow Township" scenic spot of Shuangfeng Forest Farm in Changting Town, Hailin City, Heilongjiang. The highest peak is Camel Peak, with an elevation of 1235 meters. It is the highest mountain in Xuexiang and is about 4.5 kilometers away from the residential area. The introduction is one of the most beautiful spots in Xuexiang. Because in this vast virgin forest, it gets its name from the top of the mountain with fewer trees and more grass. Because of its height advantage, coupled with sparse trees and a wide view, it is an excellent place to watch the sunrise and sunset. 【view】 【taste】 [Price ratio]