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Trip.com OfficialStroll around this charming snow village, watch the sunrise from Yangcaoshan Hill or simply immerse yourself in this winter wonderland Can you guess how long winter lasts in here?
146 Reviews
湖绿紫Cheaper than Harbin Tiger Park, the environment is better! Mudanjiang drives for an hour, and the service attitude is very good, because just before the Harbin Tiger Park rides the car to feed the tiger, did not buy a ticket, the tiger below is enough to see! Much better pedestrian area in Biharbin.
88 Reviews
Film Studio
小雪Tickets for adults are 45, 60 years old and half price, and 65 years old is free. Trip.com can book a ticket for 38 yuan on the Internet, but it must be set two hours in advance. The scenic spot is not big, built on the hillside, with the special feature that the speaker on the roadside always has a model play, it feels very good. The cinema is full of old country houses in the 1970s and 1980s, which are very smelly.
74 Reviews
好的卡卡Don't live here, there is almost no air conditioning, very hot July, the only one with air conditioning, also 16 degrees of temperature and 25 degrees of temperature is no difference, is a set, a batch of pits, self-driving is OK. Remember, don't live near the scenic spot, and it can't be compared to 7 years ago, super rotten.
149 Reviews
Ice and Snow Parks
M30***62This time I went to Xuexiang from Shanghai for the first time with a nervous heart, because my friends said it was too expensive. Before we stayed at Xuexiang Dream Home, Brother Chu helped us contact the chartered car (seven seats) from Harbin to Xuexiang. The round-trip price was 1,800 yuan. When we arrived at Dream Home, the manager Bao Ge was also very attentive, introducing us where we should go and what the price is. The group meal we ate at Dream Home is also relatively affordable (eight dishes are given away), I add a special dish (168 yuan), and drink a few bottles of beer for more than 200 yuan, we think it is quite affordable (we also brought from Harbin For some cooked food, Dream Home Hotel does not charge extra). All in all, this trip to Snow Country: Two-person turn, skiing, snowmobiling, snow climbing, etc. I have a lot of fun.
144 Reviews
当地向导雪乡小沙Xuexiang Daxuegu is a very beautiful scenic spot around Xuexiang, and it is very cost-effective. There are two main routes in the scenic area. The first one can be entered by snowmobile for about ten minutes. The inside of the Daxuegu Scenic Area is precisely the top of the Daxuegu Scenic Area. Then you can see the 240-year-old Daqing poplar in turn, the incense is very strong. Crossing the ice-free river to reach the Ewenki reindeer tribe, there are not only reindeer but also sika deer and silly roe deer. There was also the house left behind when my father went to shoot. You can see the northeast grinding tofu. There is also a folk village, where the smoke feels very good. You can learn to dip the candied haws, the price is 10-15 yuan, which is acceptable. There are some nostalgic old objects in the folk village, and it feels like it has passed through the Hui period. There is also a wedding room in the northeast, with a big red happy character, a big red lantern, a big red flower, and a big red quilt. . . Very festive. Outside of the folk village, you can also play in the snow. Children in the long dragon on the snow are more interested. It is a tire inner tube pulled by a tractor and dragged by a rotating machine, which is very exciting. There are also Bandit Village and Weihu Hall. Bandits can interact with each other. Come out and have fun. Don't worry about being realistic, after all, it's not a professional actor. If you take the other line, you must take the warrior jeep first. The local snow sightseeing car will transfer to a chain rail car Xuelong. It takes about 40 minutes to reach the No. 1 camp. This place is very open and you can meet Xuesong. The tree hangs up close, the sky is particularly blue, and the snow circle pulled by a snowmobile reaches the foot of Xuelong Peak, climbs the plank road, and takes a photo with the big stone monument at the top of Xuexiang. It really feels like climbing Mount Everest. On the plank road, if you don't hold the handrail, you will be blown away. It feels that the cloud is at hand and you can reach it with your hand. Although very tired and cold, the feeling of climbing to the top cannot be described in words. It takes enough time to walk this line, about 2.5 hours for a round trip. So be sure to plan your time.

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Weihushan CityMudanjiang,China

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China Snow ValleyMudanjiang,China

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Hengdaohezi Siberian Tiger ParkMudanjiang,China

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Yaxue Station Shili GalleryMudanjiang,China

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Da Tuding MountainMudanjiang,China

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Middle East Railway BuildingsMudanjiang,China

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Hailin Travel Tips

About Hailin

Hailin City is located in the southeast of Heilongjiang Province. The banks of the Hailiang River are considered one of the birthplaces of Manchu culture. Ninggu Tower, which can be found here, served as the seat of generals and an encampment for troops during the Qing dynasty. The city has 16 historical sites dating from the Shang and Zhou dynasties, and has been imprinted by the cultures of Jinyuan and Bohai as well as those passing through Ninggu Tower. The story from the book Tracks in the Snowy Forest and the subsequent film The Taking of Tiger Mountain takes place here. This place is known as “a snowland among a sea of forests,” “China’s snow country,” “the home of tigers in China,” and “the home of lion’s mane mushroom in China.”

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Hailin Weather

25 Oct, 2021
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26 Oct, 2021
Light Rain
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27 Oct, 2021
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28 Oct, 2021
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29 Oct, 2021
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30 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Hailin
25 Oct, 2021 Hailin Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 91%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:50/16:23
Hailin Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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