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Things To Do in Huangling

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Historical Site
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National Park
扶疏子Huangling National Forest Park in Shaanxi is a national AAAA tourist attraction located in the Qiaoshan forest area of 40 kilometers southwest of Huangling County, the upper reaches of Ju River, with a total area of 4358.5 hectares. The highest altitude is 1547 meters, and the annual average temperature is 9.4℃. The park is lush and lush with pleasant environment, unique geomorphology and humid climate, and the Yellow Emperor culture is the main source of human landscape resources.
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Historical Site
扶疏子Located in the west of Guocun, Shuanglong Township, Huangling County, Shaanxi Province. Also known as Shuanglong Grottoes and Shikong Temple. Founded in the Northern Song Dynasty Shaosheng 2 years (1095), the Ming and Qing dynasties have increased the chisel and expansion. Single grottoes, facing southeast. There are three inter-cavity wooden-like grottoes in the grotto mouth, with a wide surface 5.04m. Mingjian wide 2.02m. Octagonal columns, four pavings between the two sides, such as the dough arch, the vegetarian linoleum. Bao is covered with the lotus pillar base. The grotto plane is "convex", splitting the channel and grotto chamber. The length of the grotto is 3.75m, the width of 2.75m, and the height of 3m. The width of the grotto chamber is 9.2m, the depth is 8.4m, and the height is about 5.3m.
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City Park
我也爱边牧Huangdi Mausoleum Yinchi Park is located in Yan'an City Huangling with Huangdi Mausoleum Park temple directly in front, Yinchi also known as Longchi, with said that the Yellow Emperor cleaned the jade seal in this, the pool water is very clear, Qingwei green is very good.
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娴雅小溪Zie Temple in Huangling, Shaanxi: It is one of the landscapes of Huangling National Forest Park in Shaanxi. It is located in Chaota Village, Yaoping Town, Huangling County, Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province, within the south gate of Huangling National Forest Park. The temple was built in the Northern Wei Dynasty and was destroyed in the late Qing Dynasty. The temple is now rebuilt. The main landscapes include Hanging Temple, Daxiong Hall, Chaoyang Cave, etc.
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可爱的小昊子The square is located in front of the Xuanyuan Hall. It is large in scale and can easily accommodate tens of thousands of people. The annual grand ceremony of the Yellow Emperor is held here. The entire area is spacious and clean, built with granite and majestic.

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Qianfosi Grottoes, Yan'anYan'an,China

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Mausoleum of the Yellow EmperorYan'an,China

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Shaanxi Huangling National Forest ParkYan'an,China

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Huangling Travel Tips

About Huangling

Huangling is a county under the administration of Yan’an City in Shaanxi Province. The county is located in the Ju River Basin, which is a tributary of the Luo River. The town is named after the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor, which is located on Beiqiao Mountain within the county. The Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor is said to be “the first mausoleum ever built in the world.” In addition to the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor, Qianfo Temple Grotto is another one of Huangling County’s famous attractions. The grotto was carved into the cliffs of Ban Mountain. The grotto has a long history and has high archaeological and research value.

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