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Things To Do in Kangding

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旅行背包客-放眼全球First time to Kangding Mugecuo, Devil Lake, beautiful scenery, snow mountains, canyons, lake cruise, the sun is very good, individual travellers buy tickets is slightly more expensive, it is best to find a travel agency to buy a group ticket for half of the price, 4 people to buy it.
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Tom84114Xindu Bridge has gained fame in recent years, and it is the last pure land propaganda for the blue planet in Daocheng Aden. A common town, with blue sky and white clouds, snowy mountains, and flocks of eastern Alps, has attracted the attention of tourists and friends from all over the country. Praise to you, the pearl of national highway 318, Xindu Bridge. 1. Location: Less than 40 km west of Kangding, the mountain will soon be overturned. 2. Time: National Highway 318 is located about 10km away from Xindu Bridge, which is a scenic and authentic road for Chinese people. 3. Price: Photographer's Paradise is free, but living in photographer's Paradise is very expensive. The worst hotel and homestays in Xindu Bridge on holidays are 300 starting points. Many Tongpu must be more than 200, you have to book in advance. 4. Watch point: Autumn Xindu Bridge is the most beautiful place in western Sichuan, the deep blue sea son reflected the mountains and forests, colorful leaves are autumn clothes, bright and elegant. A leaf falls and know the world autumn, there is no leaves here, so there is no autumn depression, the snow peaks in the distance just let you feel refreshed, doting and insulting all forget, forget the trouble of many things autumn, good spring fulness scene. These are all I imagine, because in May, the grass does not grow and fly, only the warp tube, in the open and open space between the earth and the leisurely. Buddha in the heart, four stars, autumn New Capital Bridge, I will come.
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Tom84114"Wind frost, cloud, rain, silver dragon exhibition. Gong Gong Gong God Buddha, fold more and more love. In ancient times, the Tian Zhan is not here, the green mountains and green mountains. Race horse is the tower, magnificent river in Xichuan. A essay." Since the Erlang Mountain Tunnel opened, folded mountains became the first pass in western Sichuan, to enter Tibet, folded more, folded more not only Han and KangTibet geographical boundaries, but also the scenery of the west of the famous mountains. 1. Location: 20km from the west of Kangding is folded mountain viewing platform, and 10km is actually opened to enter the folded mountain foot zone. 2. Time: all day, but! It is recommended to go early or late. There are many snowmen parking near the folded mountain viewing platform, which is blocked for years. Therefore, about 6 am Kangding departure, seven o'clock to see the snow will not block up, nine, ten o'clock will be blocked. The mountain morning, do not worry about night driving, folding many roads are gentle slopes on both sides. 3. Look: (1) on the mountain road parking at any time, pay attention to observe the Gong Gong. Brother teach how to recognize, tribute elevation 7556, the highest mountain in the few, like a pyramid, four faces, and bright ice is mainly tribute, can not play in the distance. (2) Follow the road to fly snow, fold more than summer, most of the year in the snow, good luck, snow-dancing silver snake, wild waves uninhibited, can absolutely shock only saw dandruff people. Attention! It is best to prepare the anti-slip chain and learn how to equip it. Once the snow is loaded immediately, if there is no, go away from the front car, at least 3-4 times, because a little acceleration, you can't stop the dark ice section, you must follow the tail, I will eat a bow, regret it! (3) The viewing platform is not the top of the mountain, but the junction is the highest point where the car can reach, and after the junction down the mountain. The viewing platform has food and no accommodation, parking can walk to the tower, but the snow and wind, can only ask the vast land, where the road. Four stars, here is not the attraction like the attraction, must pass the road, whether you like it or not is the inevitable way. West and north of Kangding Airport Road scenery unlimited to the Tagong grassland, south continue to 318 to photograph paradise Xindu Bridge, folding is the beginning of everything. The tunnel will be opened next year, people will forget as if forget Jilang, it is beautiful and dangerous snow. Comrade traffic police hard!
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chocosaAfter a rain and ice, the sky cleared, as if to give us pressure, God drew a rainbow, to give us eyes at the same time to give us comfort. Tagong grassland I do not know how many times, except the first time to have not developed the image of the long-term inscription in the heart, this time really is a unique presentation.
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M32***03Don't go to Paoma Mountain, attractions that are unable to complain. Go up the cable car to see a big lawn with a stadium, and then there are 2 horses. I really don't know where the courage is to collect 50 tickets! Figure 1 and Figure 2 were taken on the cable car, and Figure 3 has nothing to do with scenic spots. The main requirement is to upload 3 photos. The scenery above Paoma Mountain is totally uninteresting.
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脚步丈量天涯的人Tagong Temple is located in the western Sichuan Plateau, it is the first large Tibetan Buddhist temple we met after crossing over many mountains and entering Tibet, belonging to the Saga School (Huajiao), has a long history, magnificent architecture and strong religious atmosphere.