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慢雨Six pans of water is very cool, the result is more comfortable, the summer temperature can only 11 degrees. For us from 40 degrees, it is almost heaven. Wumeng grassland belongs to the alpine meadow, here cattle and sheep flock, green grass like grass, wild flowers everywhere, the scenery is very beautiful. The hotel near the visitor center is cheap, many people from other places live here for summer, the bag is not expensive and cool, really very good. I like it.
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Outdoor skiing
夭墨霁雪The park opened at 9 o'clock in the morning, we drove to the door at 9 o'clock, and there was no parking space. There was a row of breakfast at the door, and the taste was not very expensive in general. Those who buy tickets online would go to the queue to write off, and then pay attention to the QR code to get the park entrance code. Can play for three hours, but actually we come out about two hours, more people, rushed down the slope to avoid the pedestrians fell twice before success to the bottom, no gloves and hand hanging color. Can bring a glove yourself. There are three or four slopes, the top must wear a helmet to play, the helmet can rent, personal advice to play veneer, good-looking pictures are simple, fall easy to climb. I fell for half a day can not get up. Although it is artificial snow, it is still a bit cold in the snow. It is recommended to bring a suit for self-driving tour. There are also best to bring sunglasses or rent snow mirrors, otherwise it is easy to snow blind, fun and fun,
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Outdoor skiing
落落陌上桑Winter vacation, 4 mothers with 4 children, and can not go out of the province, only choose the province to swim. Yushe skiing although not big, but the children still play very high, skiing over *** hot spring, really matched.
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138***52Meihua Mountain is very friendly to tourists, and tickets are free. We drove up but didn't leave the way to the top, so we made the sightseeing car of the scenic spot, and then walked all the way to the top along the trimmed and fun ramp. There are unique buildings along the way, and there are many observation decks. People are very few, feel wrapped in the whole plum mountain. The maple leaves on the mountain are especially beautiful. . . the spring and autumn are written in the painting.
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晓鸣祥铃Tuole ancient ginkgo village is located in Panzhou City, Guizhou Province, is the national AAAA class scenic spot, here flowing water, small bridge flowing water, beautiful scenery, ancient trees, small bridge Yinghong, Qifeng Temple. Quantuo Le village has more than 1200 ancient ginkgo, the diameter of the DB is 50-150 cm, the maximum 220 cm. The tree is over 300 years old, the longest is 1500 years, and the trunk is tens of meters high. It is the highest density of ancient ginkgo in the world, the best preserved place. Every autumn, here is a paradise for photography lovers, I personally think that the choice of summer to visit here has a special charm: to the village, few tourists, pale yellow in the ancient ginkgo tree green, in the sunlight, more vitality, color more layered sense, Ancient ginkgo trees have a house, in front of the house after the chicken duck, villagers are not warm hospitality, warmly invited us to the home to drink tea, villagers are busy in the good weather to cut a pear. The ancient ginkgo trees in the village of Tuole are all vicissitudes and very ornamental, the most pleasant surprise is that the yellow-green ginkgo trees are filled with a race of green-yellow ginkgo fruit, at first glance, I think it is a large grain of green grapes! The harvest scene with the branches all over us excited, the first meeting, fresh and curious, cameras, mobile phones, full screen is ginkgo fruit and trees.
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Hot Springs Resort
derricThe Qishi in Luobie Longjing Ecological Hot Spring Resort is very close to Anshun, but belongs to the boundary of Liupanshui The entire resort area is not far from the north side of Huangguoshu Waterfall. There is a hot spring children's playground and a cozy hotel in the Duya District. The decoration of the railway office is quite new. It is still very enjoyable to walk in the hot spring pool in the mountains. It is best to stay in a hot spring hotel , You can go back to rest after soaking in the hot spring, and you can use it repeatedly without time limit The management is a little weaker, and it feels a little messy. It's okay when there are few people. When there are many people, I don't know what will happen.

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About Liupanshui

Liupanshui is located in the Wumeng Mountains in western Guizhou. The city name comes from the first three characters of the districts of Liuzhi, Panxian and Shuicheng. This place's natural and cultural landscapes are unique and the tourism resources are extremely rich. Sites to be seen include the Danxia Mountain and Biyun Cave in Panxian County, the Taohua Cave and Dishui Beach in Liuzhi, the ancient Yelang Kingdom Site on the banks of the Beipan River, and the Zangke River Canyon. Suoga, known as "China's first ecological museum," is located in Liuzhi, where the ancient and unique Miao culture, as symbolized by a long-horned headpiece, continues to exist.

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24 Oct, 2021 Liupanshui Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 92%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:05/18:25
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