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Things To Do in Qinzhou

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M35***36The downtown area of the scenic spot is very far away, there is a direct bus. Going to get up early, tickets are 25, not very expensive. The scenery is used to seeing green mountains and green water as a southerner, can only say general. I went in autumn, I feel that summer is better, summer is full of water, and the stream will be much better. There are dozens of kilometers from the beginning to the end of the scenic spot, it is very difficult for ordinary people to go to the end, I took more than 5 hours to walk all the way to the full journey. There were no people behind by half of the time. There are many kinds of plants in it, like the *** scenery of plants is good, cost-effective,
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社会颜色It preserves the rare and only coastal volcanic geological relics in China. There have been more than eight volcanic eruptions in history, and the typical tertiary central volcanic eruption structure remains and the landforms and landscapes of later weathering and erosion have been preserved. The volcanic island scenic spot has "one mountain, two islands and three bays" namely: Xiangshan, Linjinyu, Nanding Island, Qisha Bay, Jiangkou Bay and Houtai Bay. The coastline is 18 kilometers long.
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神划We traveled in Sanniang Bay on May 11-13 this year. Sanniang Bay has a surf and beach that is especially suitable for taking pictures and taking videos. There are round stones, beautiful sunsets, and you can also go out to see dolphins (we didn't go, afraid of sun), the hotel is very close to the sea, we are sleeping with the sound of the sea. The shortage is poor hygiene in fishing villages, too much garbage, I heard that it will be rectified in the near future. Still can go to see play, blowing the sea breeze, eating some seafood, taking some beautiful photos.
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莞邑虎岭Interesting and fun, I went last year, travel sometimes just a mood release, like the bottom of the fish, before the thunderstorm came, feel bored, eager to get to the water to breathe. Away from one city, to another city, whether it gives you a good or bad feeling, but a little constant, for the unknown landscape, we always hold the puppet and curiosity.
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Ancient Settlement
gz当地向导伊妹儿The Dalu Village Folk Customs Tourist Area has beautiful scenery, charming scenery, unique architectural styles, and unique places. Feel the local folk customs and customs, customs, and feel comfortable and great.
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Nature Reserve
M41***961. Route: It is recommended to go to the south gate and go to the north gate. The road to the south gate is not long, but it is a test of vehicle skills, the slope is very steep, and there are a few sharp turns. The uphill trail at the south gate is very peaceful and relaxing. I went down the mountain from the north gate, and the scenery along the way was pretty good. The slope is long, but not so steep. It is 7km from the mountain up and down to the ticket office, and 7km from the ticket office to the entrance of the village with the north and south gate signs. 2. There are many monkeys on the side of the forest path at the south gate, and they are not afraid of people. When you come, you can prepare a bag of bananas for feeding. It should be expensive to buy in the parking lot. 3. Take the trail to exercise your body, after all, it is quite long. There are strange rocks on the top of the mountain, as well as meadows. The top of the mountain is not very big, I prefer meadows. The wind on the top of the mountain is very cool. I heard from the uncle in the park that I can see the sea when it is sunny. 4. My favorite in the whole journey is the trail to the south gate. It rained that morning, the trees shaded the sun, and walked up the mountain on the wet steps, especially walking to the wooden seating seats by the creek, which made people feel relaxed. The whole road gives people a very peaceful feeling, without external disturbances. Maybe I am here to enjoy this