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Things To Do in Sasebo

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E28***59It was such a magical place. I felt like I was transported to Europe in an instant. Happy to have spent a whole day here last November.
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tudesignI went to Nagasaki, Japan in 2009. Kujukushima is one of the scenic spots in Sasebo City, and the scenery is very good by boat! The canteen at the cruise ticket office also sells delicious ice cream, and there are many yachts on the dock, which is impressive. Kujukushima is not 99 small islands, there are actually more than 200 islands. If you go to Nagasaki, it is worth visiting here.
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julie2888Sea Sparkle Aquarium is located in Pearl Sea Resort. Kujukushima Aquarium has a nice name-"Sea Sparkle" (海きらら), which means like the brightest light on the sea. This aquarium reproduces the sea of Kujukushima as it is, and there will be different surprises when you pass through each hall. One of the main features is the approximately 100 species of jellyfish found in the waters of Kujukushima. In the Jellyfish Symphony Hall, melodious music and phantom light are used to show the graceful swimming of the jellyfish. The gently dancing jellyfish is brewed. The dreamlike atmosphere makes the whole body feel relaxed, just like listening to a symphony. It is a very popular display place for the aquarium and the largest jellyfish exhibition in Japan.
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cparisshThe botanical garden is quite large, it is very empty, there is a large lawn to sit and have a picnic, and there are cherry blossoms. It should be very beautiful when spring comes. There are also some creeper plants, which are quite beautiful.
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Observation Deck
M28***88There are more than 240 large and small islands around Sasebo City, but for the sake of image, I named Kujukushima, which feels like Hangzhou’s Qiandao Lake. The best place to see these islands is called Zhanhaifeng. Take a look at Zhanhaifeng. It looks like Kujukushima.
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National Park
天羽手杖Sunny morning, Blue sky and white clouds, gentle breeze, The picturesque seaside park...the park visit is free. There are not only the well-known anti-aircraft fort during World War II ~ used to defend the military port; there is also a very famous Kujukushima viewing platform! The family climbed up the stairs and took pictures while walking. In the end, overlooking the entire city on the mountain, it can’t help but feel refreshing...