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189 Reviews
d68***86I never liked to write a review, but here I must come a praise. I took a group of old classmates chartered the northwestern loop for 6 days, but later felt not addicted, want to ride a horse, so drove from Xining to Shandan Jun Racecourse. The scenery is like a paradise, surrounded by the green mountains in the distance, the mountains have white snow, the occasional yellow wheat or canola field inlaid in the green grassland, the white clouds in the distance to increase the landscape layer, all is especially beautiful. In the morning, the view falls in the next place, walking quietly, in the mind many things are relaxed, special relaxation. The main purpose is to ride a horse, the horse is gentle, I only shout "driving", can run up, trot some bump, in the good grass even shout a few loud run up, the horse legs are all stride is particularly stable, the feeling of the horse is particularly good. But in August, the horses were tired, and I was reluctant to ride. I thought, as long as I had the conditions, that in June, the horses came to run when they were fat and healthy for a few days. In Shandan, I met two Marines on leave and raced happily together. I was a novice, but I loved riding. The horse needs to pay attention to the height of the ankle, put a certain weight on the foot, follow the undulation, so that not bumpy back pain, imagine riding mountain bike encounter a bump situation, a little rear lift, relax a bit, it is very happy.
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_We***75The heat in the city has been unbearable, hot, dry, heat waves make people annoyed by the bath. Take the family to Wuzhishan to summer, the scenery is good, the greening of the mountain roadside has been shaped into green pine and various colors of maple tree, all colors are small 🌸 contests, and then you go down to Wuzhishan, take a sightseeing bus and go up to Jade Emperor View, just go out the door, cool breeze, comfortable. Walk to the forest is more light rhyme, cool wind rubbing noodles, heart is happy, wonderful master. Famous place of summer resort, in the vast original forest everywhere the language, everyone nostalgic for round trip. Great beauty of the mountain, in some time reflected the drenching. Mountains and water beautiful, the scenery is more beautiful.
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宁静致远-qdShandan Dafo Temple is a temple built in the Northern Wei Dynasty, which is famous for the largest indoor clay sculpture sitting in the country. The status of the temples in history is very high, Zhu Xizhen of Ming Ying Zong once wrote the name of the temples himself, most of the temples today are renovated in the 1990s, large scale, can come to worship the Buddha and pray for blessing. In addition to the main buildings such as the Sanmon Do hall, the Tenno do hall, the Daiho hoden, the 500 Luohan Do hall, and the Jizo bodhisattva do hall, there are also the square and buildings in the courtyard such as the crown prince of Kowloon domain, the Buddhist culture corridor, the seven hole archway, and the Buddhist footprint. The most important landscape is the Grand Palace and the Five Hundred Luohan Hall. The Grand Palace is a high-rise, all-wood buildings, full of red very beautiful, can be photographed outside. The building is dedicated to the most famous Buddha of the temple, namely, the Shakyamuni sitting statue, 35 meters high, sitting Buddha's hands, feet, chest and face are covered with pure gold, glittering gold, from the scale and the degree of spectacular, there is "the first Buddha in the world" title. After the building, you can also look at the reservoir in the distance, the view is very wide. The 500 Luohan Hall is divided into two halls, each dedicated to 250 Luohan, representing the 500 disciples of Shakamoni. Here Luohan is a clay tire colored statue, bright color, you can visit. Open time 8:30-17:30 Ticket information market price: 40.0RMB Ticket 40 yuan; minors, elderly people, students hold valid documents 20 yuan, children are free.
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Nature Reserve
猫咪确实不怎么爱洗澡It is a very strange geological structure, the wind-eroded sandstone formation of the magnificent landscape, red-brown mountains and rock formation of a strange landscape, people are breathtaking.
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滇国剑客This place is located in the remote western part of the country. Therefore, it is incomparable with the cultural relics in the developed areas in the interior, but it also has its own local characteristics. Through the unearthed cultural relics and exhibits, people can have a real feeling about the development of Shandan.

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