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Modern Architecture
南苑弓长Suifen River, a historic town in North China, entered the public eye for the late 80s' reform and opening up. The slogan "South Shenzhen, North Suifen River" is still a little-known. Although the Far East is not as prosperous as the Southeast Asian ports, it has left three generations of national gates, with the times, the national heroic style. worthy of our people, deeply proud.
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宁静致远-qdSuifenhe Border Trade Market is located in Suifenhe City under the jurisdiction of Mudanjiang City. It is a border trade town between China and Russia and an important border town of China. China has a large volume of border trade with Russia every year. It is also a tourist destination. Suifenhe is the most important international port city leading to the Far East of Russia. It has many border trade markets. The most famous one is Qingyun Market. Russian customers come to purchase everywhere. In addition to many local Northeast specialties, such as honey, acanthopanax tea, deer antler wine, mountain vegetables, etc., you can also buy many Russian products in the market here.
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Lavender and SunSuifenhe has different names in history: "Laibinshui" in the Tang Dynasty, "Shipinshui" in the Jin Dynasty, "Libinjiang" in the Ming Dynasty, and "Suifenhe" in the Qing Dynasty. It is called "Awl" in Manchu. It is just a different phonetic notation of Chinese characters. It is named because of its twists and turns, walking through dense forests in the mountains.
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兰乔帕洛斯As early as the end of Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, Sanchakou Town was an important distribution center for the trade between China, Russia and North Korea. People went to Russia's Shuangchengzi and Vladivostok to engage in non-governmental trade, commonly known as "Paoweizi". After the opening of Dongning Port in 1990, our town once again became a window for trade with Russia. In recent years, the construction of the Sino-Russian Dongbo Mutual Trade Zone and Zhejiang Industrial Park, the launch of the Dongning Port Reconstruction and Expansion Project, and the development and restoration of the original Japanese invaders fortresses have made Sanchakou Town once again invested and developed by people of insight at home and abroad Hot land.
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e12212068If you go in autumn, if you don't catch up with some activities, there are few tourists, you can take a leisurely tour. Entry to the temple is free, and the scenery is beautiful because there are few people and it is quiet. The mountain is not high, so slowly you won't be tired. It's worth going.
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M28***70The old calendar is old, and the museum is now the memorial hall of the Angel of Peace Galiya. The new museum has been moved to the century-old building of the old city government (formerly the Hua-Ru School), and the scale is much larger than before. Exhibits are also rich

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Suifenhe National Forest ParkMudanjiang,China

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Daguangming TempleMudanjiang,China

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Suifenhe Border Trade MarketMudanjiang,China

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Suifenhe National GateMudanjiang,China

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Suifenhe MuseumMudanjiang,China

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28 Oct, 2021 Suifenhe Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 57%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:46/16:12
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