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Geological Sites
卫龙大魔王How to say that there are play projects, that is, the water curtain cave ah many places did not let go, I have been to one before, there is no fun before, after the thief cooled and climbed very tired, climbed up to have a fortune-telling tortoise, pull us to touch no money but after entering the fortune-telling is very annoying. I hope that the staff of the scenic spot will deal with it well;
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Geological Sites
M42***84I've always wanted to come here to see if the twelve are as strange as I thought, and I've been in such an environment for the Qingming Festival, and I've forgotten all my troubles, and when I'm tired, I might as well come here for a while, when I'm tired, You can also come here to see and enjoy the tranquility of nature. In short, after coming here, give a beautiful enjoyment, let your heart get a liberation. Ps: Hotel staff service is superb 👍
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Geological Sites
G·NThe year before last, if the Dragon Palace, I thought that for a Guizhouese, the cave was nothing unusual for me. So there is little hope for underground cracks. However, since I entered the cave, I was experienced by the underground cracks. When I first entered the cave, the color was not that colorful, it was blue. When you go in, you must look up like a starry sky (it can also cure the cervical spine ), super beautiful! ! ! It’s a blockbuster whenever I shoot. I keep going. When it comes to its core scenic area, the colors become colorful. I don’t think I have the experience of when I first entered the cave, but it’s not bad. The whole game is very interesting because there are some roads. Need to bend over to sideways, the experience is very strong. Those who are interested must come to experience it in person, the real scene is much more beautiful than the photos!
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Geological Sites
139***09The project is relatively simple, it is an hour-long cruise, but the mountains are good, the water is also very green, the air is fresh, and the leisure tour is still a good choice. The Qingxihe Mountain Villa next to it is also very beautiful, you can also drop by to see it. Unfortunately, the stream needs to be booked 24 hours in advance (it seems that there is no ticket on the Internet), which should be fun, we are too late to go.
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Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客Huishan Valley Health Spa, indeed in the hot spring family, because the environment is particularly quiet, suitable for putting down all the distractions, quietly enjoy that quiet and rare relaxation.
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Geological Sites
Historical Site
139***1312 Behind the Underground Crack Scenic Area is located in Shuanghe Cave National Geopark, Wenquan Town, Liyang County, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province. Shuanghe Cave National Geopark is the largest cave group in China, and is also the "the longest dolomite cave in the world" and "the largest Tianqingshi cave in the world". Shuanghedong National Geopark, the latest exploration length in 2019 is 257.4 km, becoming the first longest hole in Asia and the fifth longest hole in the world. The underground crack scenic spot is the only underground crack in the hole in China, the hole is named because of the only underground crack discovered so far in China. The cracks from the top to the bottom, gradually widened, the narrowest can only pass one person side, the full length of 1000 meters. The cave divided into three layers, through the underground river and other caves. The hole is constant temperature 15 degrees Celsius per year, warm winter and cool summer, the air is fresh, is a high negative oxygen ion content of natural oxygen bar. It contains 120 attractions, rare crimson stone, stone flowers, underground dark river, waterfall in cave, Jiuqu 18 curved tunnel and other karst landscape rich, the landscape is unique and interesting. Ride: Youyang County Station has a direct bus to Hot Spring Town, then take a taxi to the scenic area.

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Shi Er Bei Hou Underground Crack Scenic SpotZunyi,China

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Red Fruit Tree Scenic AreaZunyi,China

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Behind the Twelve—Guizhou Qingxi Gorge Scenic AreaZunyi,China

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Shi Er Bei Hou · Shuanghegu Scenic SpotZunyi,China

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Shixiang Sea of FlowersZunyi,China

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About Suiyang

Suiyang County is located in northern Guizhou Province, in the middle of the Dalou Mountains. The Kuankoushui National Nature Reserve can be found in the county. The local area has many specialties, such as the facing heaven pepper and hollow silver noodles. Famous attractions include the Shuanghe Cave National Geological Park, Jiudaomen, and the Longqiao Ecological Scenic Area.

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27 Oct, 2021 Suiyang Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 75%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:59/18:11
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