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彪标Chishui Danxia Waterfall is in Lianghekou Town, Chishui City. The upper reaches of Fengxi River, a tributary of Chishui River. It is about 34 kilometers from Chishui City. The Great Waterfall is high 76.2 meters and 81 meters wide. It can be compared with Huangguoshu Great Waterfall. It is the first waterfall of Danxia in China and the first waterfall of Yangtze River Basin. It is the core scenic spot of Danxia landform of world natural heritage. Shizhangdong Waterfall is 76 meters high and 80 meters wide, which is the largest waterfall in Danxia landform in China, and the largest waterfall in the Yangtze River Basin in China. Nearby are the Zhongdong Falls, the Crane Dragon Falls, the Two Rivers Estuary Falls, the Chicken Feiya Falls, the Xiangxi Lake, the Stone Crane Peak, the Ganoderma Stone, the 100-acre Chahua Forest and the large azalea forest, the maple forest and other landscapes echo. The road in the scenic area is twisting and turning, the sun is shaded, there are waterfalls, Langqin Bay, fly Hongqiao, doubtless road, three temples, fairy stage, dark waterfalls and other attractions constitute a natural waterfall park. Round-trip tour itinerary is about 4.5 kilometers. It takes more than 3 hours to walk. The big waterfall is at the end of the scenic spot. There is time to hike along the water side path. The scenery is good. I don't want to walk too much. I can also take a sightseeing bus. Walking along the wooden path, there are small waterfalls everywhere. . Wear a hat or umbrella if you are hiking. There is often water falling over the path. Keep walking along the path and you will see the great waterfall.
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彪标Sidonggou originally named Fengxi, because of the four-grade waterfalls in the stream, waterfalls and the holes known, later commonly known as four-donggou. Located in Datong River Tunxi Valley, 17 kilometers from Chishui City. The four-class waterfalls and the three-dimensional ecological landscapes such as Danya, bamboo forest, Xiangfan, water flow, Bitan and beach all over the Tunxi Valley are the main, and there are nearby Duxian Bridge, Shiding Shandanxia Landform, provincial cultural relics Zheng's Weifang and Liangcha River scenery, Huaping Waterfall, Dashuigou Waterfall and other attractions. In the spring and summer rainy season, more than 20 different shapes of waterfalls are often seen in the scenic area from the sides of the mountain falling down, quite spectacular. Sidonggou Scenic Area is an important part of Chishui National Key Scenic Area. It is located in Datong Town, Chishui City, Guizhou Province, 15 kilometers away from the city. The scenic area is about four kilometers of the four-dimension valley between the mountain streams, according to the roughly equal distance arranged four-level falls as the main body. The water curtain cave waterfall, like the moon pool waterfall of silver comb, has the legendary frog cliff waterfall and the largest white dragon pool waterfall in the scenic area. A few waterfalls are not big but very characteristic. The water curtain cave of one cave waterfall will let you linger. It is too cozy to listen to a stone chair next to the second cave waterfall. The scenic area is full of mountains and falls. Cross the winding red stone path, walk on the path, feel the charm of the waterfall close, take the bamboo pole, squat on the pool, in the summer here can also play water. In the scenic area not only are all the bamboo, but also the rare plants such as the oysters, to the four-hole ditch must see the Cascade Waterfalls.
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Historical Architecture
小娃撑游艇Feel the charm of the revolutionary base, learn the heroic deeds of revolutionary martyrs, inspire our new generation not to forget the history, go ahead. This meeting, at a time of extreme crisis, saved the Party, saved the Red Army, saved the Chinese Revolution. It was a life-and-death turning point in the history of the CPC and the Red Army. It was a powerful force to revisit history and build the Chinese dream together.
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Geological Sites
彪标The Buddha Guangyan, known as the "World Danxia Crown", is arc-shaped, arc length is more than 1,000 meters, height is more than 300 meters. Buddha Guangyan was formed in Jurassic and Cretaceous times, like a red, wordless book written with life and blood on the eve of the extinction of dinosaurs, spread out in half a day of clouds. There is a column of 200 meters high in the center of the Buddha Guangyan, like a small white dragon flying in the red clouds, the whole journey of the elegant and handsome scenic area has a very good trail, is a pedestrian paradise. At the top of the scenic spot there is a five-posted peak, five with a strong finger on the foot of the mountain, like the Buddha Rulai's huge palm, as if in the world to pray for blessings.
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Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
胖胖的傻狗To go to Hailongyu really need to find an explanation, to understand the history of the fierce battle. Today, we are explained to a 99-year-old girl. She chose this job because she loved it. She was very careful and very enthusiastic about the tourists. ❤️. What's more, she will pick up the trash that the tourists threw away on the road. She can feel that she really loves this job and this scenic spot. A grass and a wood. Asked her name at parting time, Lijiangyan! A good girl to praise!
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M43***50At 7:20 on May 15, 2021, take your mother-in-law and daughter by car. From Kaiyang, arrive at Yunmentun Scenic Area after 1 hour and 30 minutes. [Scenic] Enter the scenic area on a 3-kilometer walk, you can watch the Sky Eye and the Seam Scenic Area on the way, the scenery is dangerous, beautiful, strange and cool. [Fun] Arrive at the boat location at about 11:30. We took a boat for 1 hour to see the surrounding scenery. Green water, green mountains, fresh air, beautiful scenery. [Cost-effective] Ticket + Cruise total 120 yuan.

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Sidu Chishui Memorial Hall (Northeast Gate)Zunyi,China

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Jurassic Park of ChinaZunyi,China

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Fenghuangshan Cultural SquareZunyi,China

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Renhe SquareZunyi,China

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Chishui Danxia Tourist Area · Great WaterfallZunyi,China

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About Zunyi

Zunyi (遵义), in northern Guizhou Province, is a city at the intersection of Guizhou, Sichuan, and Chonqing and an iconic Chinese vacation destination. Zunyi was among the first wave of National Historical and Cultural Cities and boasts Hailongtun (海龙屯), a World Cultural Heritage Site, and Chishui Danxia (赤水丹霞), a World Natural Heritage Site. It is home to Maotai liquor, which, along with Wuliangye and Jiannanchun, are considered China’s three finest liquors. This is also where the famous Zunyi Conference took place.

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