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Famous Residences
慢雨Today, I went to Lushan, because it was too early, there were not a few tourists. There was hardly any people in the bronze statue square. There was no one at the front door of the former residence, so I took a few photos and waited for the queue at the entrance. The scenery is very charming in the late summer and early autumn, the lotus flower is still in full bloom in front of the former residence, the surrounding green, the sun is shining, everywhere is full of vitality. Visiting the former residence is free, but you must pay attention to the Tianxia Lushan Public Number Ticket, you need to provide health code, itinerary code. You can't bring a bag and water to bring a pet into the house. In addition, you need security check. Chairman Mao's former residence is well protected, displaying a lot of physical objects, original taste presenting the local chairman's family life.
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Famous Residences
我的世外桃源Xiangtan Xiangshan Tourist Area, located in Xiangshan City, Hunan Province, 108 kilometers from Changsha City, is the hometown of Comrade Mao Zedong, the great leader of the Chinese people, and the national patriotism education base. The main attractions of Busan are the human landscapes such as Mao Zedong's former residence, Mao Zedong bronze statue, Mao Zedong Memorial Museum, Mao Zedong poetry monument forest, Mao Zedong Memorial Park, and the natural landscapes such as the mysterious "Western cave" dripping cave and the black stone village. The tourism industry of Lushan has developed rapidly because of the great people's relics, and it is one of the four revolution memorial sites in China. Lushan was listed as the national 5A level scenic spot on September 6, 2011.
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携程旅行顾问小丫丫I reported the day trip to Lushan in Trip.com and went to Lushan Dripping Cave. Dripping Cave is a distance from Chairman Mao's former residence and needs to be taken by car. At the same time, the ticket office is 6 kilometers from the building where the actual Dripping Cave is located. You can walk or take an eco-car. The environment is quiet here, the water of a spring in the ticket for Building 1 can be drunk directly!
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Botanical Garden
gz当地向导伊妹儿Panlong Grand View Garden Xiangtan's back garden, beautiful scenery, suitable for parent-child tour, there are black swans, interesting, the attractions are large, the weather is good, the temperature is comfortable, slowly play, you can play for a whole day.
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Memorial Hall
aixinwuxiaThe former residence of Mao Zedong in Busan is, as the name implies, located at Busan Chong. The building is magnificent, and the exhibition is about the environment and scenes of Chairman Mao Zedong's life, study and residence from birth to the growth of his youth, as well as some used objects.
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M33***56Mainly the effect of sound effects, background picture is not clear enough, the venue is too big, the characters are not many, the momentum is not enough, did not portray the bright image of the great person, the final ending background is very good. The performance is very impressed by the looting.

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Fairy MountainXiangtan,China

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Hunan University of Science and TechnologyXiangtan,China

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Dishui caveXiangtan,China

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Large-scale Live Performance on "Mao Zedong, China"Xiangtan,China

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Paragon GardenXiangtan,China

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Peace Park (Southwest Gate)Xiangtan,China

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Xiangtan Travel Tips

About Xiangtan

Xiangtan City is located in the eastern part of Central Hunan Province. It is sometimes called “Lotus City” because it has lots of Xiang Lotuses. The territory of Xiangtan is also the birthplace of many famous Hunanese military figures such as Zeng Guofan from the waning years of the Qing Dynasty, Mao Zedong (the founding leader of the Chinese Communist Party) and Peng Dehuai (the military general). Xiangtan is an ancient city with a long and storied history and many famous historical sites. "Guansheng Temple" is a famous temple from the Qing Dynasty. The white marble dragon column in front of the temple's Spring and Autumn Pavilion is nothing short of exquisite. Additionally, Xiangtan has a great deal of beautiful natural scenery such as the Shaoshan and Dongtai Mountains.

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