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East Pole Island Scenic AreaNearby City

East Pole Island Scenic Area

4.5/5468 Reviews
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Ranked #11 in Zhoushan Can't Miss Attractions
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"The best place in Zhejiang Province, there is no one. Because it is possible to arrange the return trip to the city on the National Day, I will have the opportunity to stay here again. During the National Day, the ticket is very difficult to grab. So I can only arrange to go to Miaozihu Island, Donghu Island and Qingli Island. It's too late to go. Let me take a thought. I am going to summarize the trip to Miaozi Lake on the day trip. In the morning, I took the first boat at 6:50. In normal times, there is no time for the boat. When the boat arrives at Miaozi Lake Island, get off the boat immediately, otherwise it will go to East Lake Island, pay attention to the radio. Going out of the pier is the battery car round the island. One person is 88 yuan. Every attraction will stop. Pay attention to not miss every attraction, otherwise you can only walk by foot. After playing the attractions, you can take the battery car behind. I feel that every attraction can be taken a photo. After visiting the island, You can also participate in the sea fishing. If there are fewer people, it is not recommended. The sea fishing is a small fishing boat. It will be prudent to get seasick. It usually takes 3 hours to return to the shore.Miaozi Lake Island, 3 hours around the island can be ended. Arrange your trip"