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Lemon Zhao
The hotel's restaurant is called Hua Ting. It is deeply impressed by the elegant and generous design. It is filled with the charm of ink and landscape, and the ancient style is elegant and fascinating.
What surprised me the most was that I had the fat crayfish at the end of April. The lobsters of iced, thirteen, and garlic flavors are served on the table. Although the meat quality has not reached the fullest time, the meat of the crayfish here is already very full. The three different flavors have their own tastes, but they are very tasty.
Stone pot abalone braised pork wild rice is really a must. The abalone is very large, the meat is very elastic, and the braised pork cooked with pork belly is sweet but not greasy. With the scent of wild vegetables and the fragrant rice of rice, these kinds of blending together are a perfect match.
Angus beef ribs, the most fat piece of the cow, fat and thin, big bones as an embellishment, looks very powerful and domineering.
Vegetable Crab Shrimp, with the collision between the crab yellow and the shrimp, the vegetable bile absorbs the excess oil and eats a small spoon, which is very delicious.
Posted: 29 Apr, 2019
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The high temperature for a few days makes people feel overwhelmed by the summer, plus the pressure of work, all kinds of irritability. Just a friend meets, saying that it is going to Wuxi Yangshan to pick up the peaches, and the friend wants to bring the baby to go. The immediate reaction is that the newly opened Wuxi Huajiantang is nearby, and it immediately snaps. From the city where you live to Wuxi Yangshan is very close, driving less than an hour and a half, after the stay, all kinds of calm, tea, chat, play chess, children also have their own toy paradise, enjoy themselves. Wuxi Huajiantang is located in Yangshan Picking House, 10 old houses are hidden between the landscapes, and the Jiaji Collection is made up of two of them. The two-storey symmetrical layout and window arrangement. Preserving the original flavor, people have a sense of crossing in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Wuxi Huajiantang is very suitable for family and leisure vacation. There are green paradise ant kingdom, herb garden, egret ranch, farmer orchard, etc., where children can get close to small animals, feel the ecological atmosphere, and entertain and educate. At the same time, there are also rich rural life experiences such as Picking up the College, Lua Fishing, and the Rural Market. It is excellent for those who have lived in the city for a long time. One book, one tea, one table, one chair, one afternoon. The real calm is not to avoid the traffic, but to plant the mulberry in the heart.
Huishan Ancient Town
When it comes to the ancient town of Jiangnan, it is always easy to think of Suzhou. In fact, every city in the south of the Yangtze River has more or less ancient towns, but the reputation is not that big. Travel to Wuxi and recommend this ancient town. Huishan Ancient Town is the best preserved ancient town in Wuxi City and is free to open. Huishan Ancient Town is close to Xishan and Huishan. It is only two or three kilometers away from the city center. The transportation is very convenient. Many locals like to come and play. Huishan Ancient Town's biggest feature is the ancestral hall. Huishan Ancient Town is a national key cultural relics protection unit. There are currently 118 ancestral halls and ruins, which are rare in the country. Huishan Ancient Town has been included in the World Cultural Heritage. Prepare a list. Huishan Ancient Town has been a commercial town since ancient times. It is close to the Grand Canal. There are Shanjiao Public Office, Chess Cargo Office, Shizuo Office, Salt Industry Office, Construction Industry Guild, Wuyuan Hall and so on. Ancient Town is adjacent to Xihui Park. Xihui Park is also a beautiful garden with profound cultural heritage. The second spring in the world is located in Xihui Park. When the folk musician A Bing played "Two Springs Reflecting the Moon", it is still a famous song. The Changchang Park in Xihui Park is a famous garden in the south of the Yangtze River. There is also a clay figurine museum in the ancient town of Huishan. The Wuxi clay figurine is a famous local handicraft. The fat mans fat shape is very popular and popular. Many tourists will buy it and take it home.
Dangkou Ancient Town
Some people say that after going to Wuzhen and Zhouzhuang, the famous water towns in the south of the Yangtze River, it is equivalent to going to all the ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River. I think it is not. Perhaps I have a gentle and graceful feeling of Jiangnan. I prefer this kind of small bridge, water, pavilions, pavilions, come to an ancient town, slow down, step on the quaint bluestone road, find a teahouse, and have a cup of tea. The hot tea has become more and more aware of the unique charm of Jiangnan Water Village. Sitting in the ancient town of the upper reaches of the ship, you can understand the ancient town from different perspectives. It is different from the cities that used to live in high-rise buildings and busy cities. The simple water transportation is in the middle of the goose lake, as if you have passed through the years of goose. The team that the follower just performed under the main gate of Dangkou Ancient Town came to Huashi Yizhuang and started the second performance of "Hua Tai Shi Yan Tang Tang", but only the boat of the performance team can be parked here. The front is the terminal where our ships are docked. The shops in Linhe basically have terraces on the riverside. In the ancient town in the afternoon, the leisurely people are drinking tea, chatting with their homes, taking a nap when they are tired, and approaching the ancient town, you can't help but slow down. The heart has also relaxed, and there is no painful thing to get up early in the bus and subway. There is no busy and busy work. Here, you can temporarily forget those and give yourself a small indulgence.
Jiangnan Lanyuan
Jiangnan Lanyuan in Wuxi Shantou Scenic Area is an independent small attraction, more like a quiet Jiangnan garden. Of course, the biggest highlight here is orchid. The courtyard wall is inconspicuous, separating the Jiangnan Lanyuan and the Shantouyu scenic spot. The wall is quiet and elegant, but it is not well known. Jiangnan Lanyuan was founded in 1987, but the history of planting orchids in Shantou has been more than 100 years. Jiangnan Lanyuan has a large number of top-grade orchids, and many celebrity calligraphy and paintings are the favorite places for literati. The garden is not big, and the walls of the road are divided into different functional areas with different scenery. Walking in the garden, you can hardly see many tourists, and the real Ailan people will be intoxicated. Bamboo forest trail, sweet-scented osmanthus, Jiangnan Lanyuan in the early autumn is more style. Orchid is a gentleman in flowers. It has been loved and respected by Chinese people since ancient times. Jiangnan Lanyuan is a pool in the middle of the summer. Just after the summer, Wang Lian floats like a disc on the water. The blade has a large buoyancy and can withstand the weight of sixty or seventy kilograms. The children sit up and float. The greenhouse mimics the ecological environment of the tropical rain forest. There are many tropical plants planted here. Most of them can't name them. In the winter greenhouse, they can really play their role. Orchid, placed in the room, on the table, feels like it is in the home of a literati, everything is so harmonious and natural.
The Turtle Head Park
Luding Mountain is located at the east of Shantou Mountain, with a height of 96 meters. The geographical position is superior and the horizon is wide. In 1983, the Wuxi Municipal People's Government decided to build a scene of Luding Yinghui. The original plan was to climb the Luding Pavilion early in the morning to watch the sunrise, but considering that after two rains, I had to give up. I was awake by the sun outside the window, and when I got out of the balcony, I found the sun was already high. However, because of the flood of water on the surface of the lake, it is golden in the sunlight, and it is fascinating. On the observation deck at the mountainside, one side of the water and soil raises one person, and because of Taihu Lake, Wuxi is an ecologically livable city that makes people want to be happy. TIPS: You can choose to take the scenic eco-car to the top of the mountain, then walk to Luding Pavilion for 5 minutes, and choose to walk all the way. It is not difficult. Most of the roads are mountain trails. Looking at the pavilion, a picture of the magical and stunning scenery of the Taihu Lake is in sight. People praised the lake and mountain landscape builders for their unique insights. At the turn of the creeks and lakes surrounded by mountains, they chose the peaks of the eight paintings and built the high mountains on the top of the mountain. Looking at Taihu Lake, lakes and lakes; Wanghu Lake, Xishuiyu; southeast and northwest looking, are lakes, all water, and the 72 peaks are scattered in the meantime, you can make Wanyu Taihu Lake, Shili Lake, and 72 peaks. Look at it, it marks the brand new look of Taihu Lake Scenic Area.
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