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About Xianning

Xianning is situated in southeastern Hubei province on the border with Hunan and Jiangxi provinces. The Yangtze River is located to the north of the city. It is known for its pleasant climate with distinct seasons and plentiful sunshine and rainfall. Major attractions include a bamboo forest, Huanggai Lake, the tomb of the Ming dynasty rebel leader Li Zicheng, Jiugong Mountain, Heshengqiao and Tingsiqiao (important strategic locations during the Northern Expedition in the 1920s). The area is also home to 12 different hot springs.

Popular Attractions in Xianning

Yishui Cave
1,069 Reviews
Yishui Cave is located in Daban Town in Hubei Province’s Tongshan County. It was the first geological park in Hubei. The enormous cave measures over 5,000 meters in length and is magnificent. The shape, posture and form of the stalactites in the cave are all unique, each with its own characteristics. The rich underground stream makes the whole cave lively and graceful.
Chibi Ancient Battlefield
1,169 Reviews
Historical Site
Chibi Ancient Battlefield was the place where the Chibi War broke out at the end of the Eastern Han dynasty. It is one of China's most famous intact ancient battlefields. Major attractions include stone inscriptions, a temple, a statue of the Han dynasty military general Zhou Yu, and a museum. A riverside pavilion provides magnificent views over the surrounding area.
Jiugong Mountains
578 Reviews
The Jiugong Mountains are located in Hubei Province in the middle of the Mufu mountain range. They are known for their towering peaks, peaceful valleys, and unusual rock formations. There are also a number of hot springs and waterfalls. In addition to the spectacular scenery, the area is home to several cultural attractions including the tomb of the 17th century rebel leader Li Zicheng, a stone temple, and a famous Qing dynasty residence. There is also a ski slope with a comprehensive range of facilities, making the area an excellent year-round destination.
Country Garden (Biguiyuan) Hot Springs
1,160 Reviews
Hot Spring
The Country Garden Hot Springs is a resort area that combines hot springs, quality dining, vacationing, and leisure. The resort has indoor and outdoor hot springs styled after Bali. It offers a novel flavor, a serene ambiance, and multiple hot spring baths built in line with the mountain topography, scattered around the natural mountain ridge. The hot springs area also has a “dynamic universe” hot spring suitable for children, a rose-scented botanical hot spring, naturally heated stones to lie on, a beautifying salt bath, a dead sea mineral mud bath, and a building built over water with every style of indoor and outdoor hot springs bath.

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Xianning Weather

4 Jul, 2020
23 °
5 Jul, 2020
Moderate Rain
6 Jul, 2020
Light Rain
7 Jul, 2020
Moderate Rain

Trip Moments

Rachel Yu   
Hubei Xinjin Net Red Punch, the first cliff ferris wheel in Xianning area! The Ferris wheel is a project that feels both exciting and romantic. If a place is beautiful and you can sit on the Ferris wheel, what a wonderful thing! The Ferris wheel can be a landmark in the city or an item in an amusement park. Generally speaking, as a city landmark, the scale must be not small. If you are only in an amusement park, it will be less irritating and more romantic. But what surprised me was that I thought that the large-scale Ferris wheel was mostly in a big city, but I didn't imagine that in the small mountain village of Xianning, Hubei, I also "hidden" a large-scale Ferris wheel, and it was still built. Ferris wheel above the cliff. is a popular tourist attraction in the Xianning area of Hubei Province. It is located in the village with a very good ecological environment. On a cliff in the town of honey, there is a small Ferris wheel. It is the first cliff ferris wheel in Xianning area. It was just opened this year on National Day and soon became the new network red card punching area in Hubei. The cliff originally had an altitude of 360 meters, plus the height of the Ferris wheel, which makes people feel more exciting. Sitting in the cockpit of the Ferris wheel, you can enjoy the view of the honey town with 720 degrees without a dead end. The forest that stretches for miles is pleasing to the eye. The slow speed of the Ferris wheel makes the whole atmosphere extremely romantic. With your beloved TA, take a romantic Ferris wheel and spend the quality of the two-person world together, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the town and enjoy a romantic journey. Or take a child who is curious about the world and sit on the wonderful Ferris wheel to start a journey of enjoying nature. The Ferris wheel is like its name. Although this is a magic, it does have strange magic and will make people feel happy. The cliff ferris wheel in the town of honey is so chic, it is worth trying.
Posted: 16 Oct, 2019
Rachel Yu   
The busy work, the pressure of life, is with us. In this season, choosing a weekend and going to a hot spring is a reward for yourself. Jiayushanhu Hot Spring in Xianning, Hubei is very good. Xianning, Hubei is a well-known hot spring resort in China. There are many high-quality hot springs here. To attract me differently, Shanhu Hot Spring naturally has its unique features. There are scenery of the whole lake, clear glass pool, special cave hot springs, etc., as well as the super moon that stands out. None of these projects reveals the net red temperament, it can be said that it is the net red hot spring! Jiayushanhu Hot Spring is famous for its water. It is surrounded by water. The scenic area integrates natural ecological resources such as mountains, forests, water and rocks, so the scenery in the hot spring area is very good. Full lake view, fully transparent glass bubble pool, can be said that the eyes and body are satisfied. Lying in the glass bubble pool, facing the mountain lake, there is a feeling of facing the sea, very vast. The mountain lake hot springs at night will light up the neon lights of various colors and stage a beautiful light show. At night, the glass bubble pool is more dreamy and charming. Lying in the glass bubble pool, you can see a round of "super moon" on the lake, reflecting the lake's surface, the scene is very poetic. Step into the cave hot springs, soak in the pool to enjoy the moisturizing of warm spring water, enjoy the beautiful world of light and shadow, the troubles in work and life have already been thrown into the clouds. And the mist in the cave is very thick, just like a fairyland.
Posted: 30 Dec, 2018
Rachel Yu   
There are many ways to travel, and you can't do it all the same. Otherwise, everyone will play just the same. Now in the hot spring season, it is a good time to soak in the hot springs, and we are not willing to simply heat the hot springs, want to unlock some new ways to play, so I thought of combining the local historical and cultural heritage to change the way of hot springs. I was born in Nanchang, Jiangxi. I used the surrounding hot springs to soak in it, so I found different hot springs. This time I chose Jiayushanhu Hot Spring in Xianning, Hubei. My university was in Wuhan, so I know how hot the Xianning hot spring is, so it is natural to find Jiayushanhu Hot Spring. Good place to travel. About Da Qiao Xiao Qiao's hometown is somewhat controversial. Of course, a person's life can live in many places, but it is certain that Hubei Jiayu is the birthplace of Da Qiao Xiao Qiao, so Jiayu related The history and culture of Er Qiao is very rich. Located in the mountain lake hot spring of Jiayu, there are naturally many landscape elements about Da Qiao Xiaoqiao. Because Hubei Jiayu is the hometown of Da Qiao Xiao Qiao, it inspired us. We feel that we have put on a set of costumes and super-views at Jiayushan Lake Hot Spring. It turns out that this is a very good and very successful attempt. We are wearing a costume in the hot spring resort area, attracting a lot of visitors, and the rate of return is 100%. And there are still many people who ask where our clothes are bought. Its full of cargo. Therefore, it is not only the bikini that is matched with the hot spring, but also the costumes~ hahaha!
Posted: 31 Dec, 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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