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Hanchuan Junlin Inn
4.1/516 Reviews
The boss is cheap and the service is good. The location of the hotel is very good to find, very close to Hanchuan Bus Terminal, just a few minutes walk from the bus station. The rooms are spacious and bright, with good lighting and ventilation, and convenient for eating. You can order takeaways online for ten minutes to deliver to the guest room. I highly recommend everyone to live, good, cheap and convenient.
Wilton Hotel (Xiaochang)
4.8/5527 Reviews
Preferred hotel for business trips, have been here many times, are very satisfied, fully equipped and comfortable cccc Excellent location and convenient, good service and satisfactory ccc
Yeste International Hotel (Xiaogan Hezhan)
4.6/5455 Reviews
The hotel is very convenient for transportation in the center of the city. It is very convenient to go to the station. It is very convenient and fast to take a taxi at the door. The price is very affordable. Usually, the hotel will choose a high cost performance. The check-in and check-out procedures of the hotel are usually very fast and simple. This is very convenient for our business trips, friendly and don't have to wait. The cleanliness and simplicity of the room are also very comfortable, the sanitation is very clean, the TV, air conditioning, hot shower are quite comfortable, come here on business is my first choice! Really good.
Lavande Hotel (Dawu Xintiandi)
4.7/5123 Reviews
I came to Dawu to find friends to play and live. The overall feeling is very good. Let me talk about the advantages first: 1. The layout of the room space is very reasonable and makes people very comfortable. Whether it is the size of the room, the decoration style or the hygiene level are very good. 2. The lights and air conditioning curtains are all intelligently controlled. Very convenient, 3. Smart music is also installed in the bathroom, and you can listen to music to relax when you take a shower. The toilet is also equipped with a disposable cushion. 4. The elevator can only be used by swiping the room card, and the safety is guaranteed. Let me talk about the shortcomings. 1. When I was bathing, I found that the shower gel had been used up. At that time, the water had been sprinkled on my body, and it was not easy to ask someone to send it. This is the performance of the service staff who is not careful and cleans up the room and does not find it in time to replenish. 2. There are too few types of breakfast. And the taste is very general. But I am probably very satisfied, and I will choose to stay again when I come to Dawu in the future. I wish your hotel better and better
Fuhang Select Hotel
4.5/52 Reviews
Ok! The price is a bit expensive!
Hongbo Hotel
4.6/5106 Reviews
The room is OK, the only drawback is that there is no table, stool, I want to sit down and rest, so I can sit on the bed.

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