Chiang Mai's local cultural and art center, the elegant and peaceful Kalm Village

Visit Chiang Mai again, and there are many surprises! For example, the Kalm Village, which has only been opened in the center of the old city of Chiang Mai for nearly two years, is a local cultural center that integrates handicrafts, art, food, experiences, and shopping. The village architecture itself is very distinctive and has won many local and international design awards. The beautiful, elegant, and peaceful Kalm Village was co-founded by the Chiang Mai architect family, the Kruat siblings. Here, artists are invited to reside, and regular art exhibitions and handicraft workshops are held. Through character dialogues and thematic activities, the charming art and culture of Northern Thailand are presented. It's worth spending time to experience this place properly. In the exhibition hall, I saw a traditional weaving loom and watched a video of handwoven rug making. Most of the works here combine tradition with modernity. Plant-dyed fabrics are turned into designer clothes and home goods. Bamboo weaving, woodwork, and ceramics, these handicrafts are the art closest to life; they are not aloof but are everyday companions. The three-story Glass Pavilion displays a dreamy fabric installation. Through the colored fabric, you can see the beautiful view of the nearby Chedi Luang Temple. This rooftop must be even more beautiful at dusk. The cafe and restaurant on the first floor feature Thai Benz coffee and special drinks, as well as authentic Thai cuisine inspired by the Kruat grandmother. If I have enough time, I could quietly spend a few hours in this place, which I really like!
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Posted: Apr 8, 2024
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