In spring, Taiziwan Park is transformed into a painting

· Hangzhou's West Lake is the top destination in spring, not only for cherry blossoms and magnolias but also for the tulips of Taiziwan Park The colorful flowers bloom on the lush green grass When the sunlight sprinkles down, it's like Monet's garden Don't miss out on this spot for a spring outing by the West Lake in Hangzhou 📍Location: Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area - Taiziwan Park 🌷Blooming period: Mid-March to April 🎫Reservation: During the peak blooming period, the park will limit the number of visitors, and entry from 08:00-17:00 requires advance reservation 🚗Transportation: Cycling, walking, or taking the bus is recommended, do not drive! Do not drive! Do not drive! It really gets congested! ⛴️Boat: There is a special flower-viewing boat line, you can take a boat directly to Taiziwan Park from Quyuanfenghe or Qianwangci pier to avoid traffic congestion 📸Photography/Flower viewing tips ▪️Try to go as early as possible, the earlier the better, and if the weather is good, there will be many people by six or seven in the morning (p.s. No reservation is needed for entry before 8 am) ▪️Prefer weekdays, don't even think about weekends, it's especially crowded ▪️When taking photos, avoid the crowd by choosing a low angle or close-up shots ▪️The north gate is crowded and has long queues, so you can enter from the west gate, which is less crowded 🅾️Recommended tour route West Gate ➡️ Lanyingxuan ➡️ Small Chapel ➡️ Jiuyao Feiying ➡️ Fanghuai Pavilion ➡️ Big Windmill
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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