10-Day Northern Xinjiang Tour Loop

If there are sisters who really want to travel to Xinjiang! You really need to prepare well before you go! ! Xinjiang is a vast place, the routes are super complex, and transportation is a challenge, especially because there are many ethnic minorities and a lot of points to pay attention to. Especially for those who are going for the first time, and also bringing parents, you can consider the Xinjiang pure play local tour group recommended by the editor: 10-Day Northern Xinjiang Tour Day1 Urumqi - Tianshan Tianchi - Fuyun County Day2 Fuyun - Keketuohai - Wucolor Beach Sunset - Burqin Day3 Burqin - Kanas - Baihaba Day4 Baihaba - Hemu Day5 Hemu - Devil City - Karamay Day6 Karamay - Sayram Lake - Guozigou Bridge - Qingshuihe Town. Day7 Qingshuihe - Lavender Manor - Kalajun Grassland - Zhaosu Day8 Zhaosu - Xiatat~Tekes Day9 Tekes - Nalati Air Grassland - Nalati Town Day10 Nalati - Duku Highway - Qiaolma - Urumqi disband
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Posted: Mar 31, 2024
please include Turpan . quote for 10 to 12 adults please
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