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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Lianshui [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Lianshui. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jul 2024
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    "Qingdao Polar Park Station is a good aquarium park with a variety of cute bases, animals are very rich, and the staff inside are also very good."
    Qingdao.Qingdao International Convention Center/Shilaoren Scenic Area
    >100km from Lianshui
    Highlights: Bringing together rare marine life from the deep sea, the Antarctic, and the Arctic
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    "There are more one-way roads in Qingdao city, and we took a taxi. It is more labor-saving to visit the underwater world, because there is a magic carpet (elevator), and it is especially labor-saving to bring children. I like the devil fish the most, and suddenly spit sand, funny. There are also many marine animal specimens, a good place for children to learn about the ocean"
    Qingdao.Eight Great Passes/No.1 Bathing Beach
    >100km from Lianshui
    Highlights: The Underwater World is located on the west side of the First Bathing Beach. It is a theme venue that displays the underwater environment and marine life. Here, you can not only see many live marine animals and biological specimens, but also enjoy wonderful underwater performances. It is very suitable for parent-child tours.First, in the Dream Jellyfish Palace, you will see thousands of jellyfish competing with each other for splendor under the reflection of lights. Then you can go to the Seal House to see the cute seals, sea lions and penguins. You can also see sperm whales, swordfish, sea turtles and other marine life specimens in the domestically-rich marine specimen museum.Next, the "Underwater World" museum, which is built entirely underground, will give you a full-scale visual experience of the underwater world. You can stroll through a fully transparent underwater tunnel, feel schools of fish surrounding you, or watch clownfish and other tropical fish swimming around corals through cylindrical exhibition tanks.The live underwater performances in the Ocean Theater are particularly popular. You can enjoy the thrilling "Dancing with Sharks" and the beautiful and dreamy "Mermaid" performance. Sometimes you can also see humorous sketches performed by divers underwater.After learning about marine life, you can go to the Freshwater Museum to visit rare freshwater creatures such as the Arapaima, Chinese sturgeon, and giant salamander, and take a glimpse of these "living fossils."There are multiple exhibition halls in Qingdao Underwater World. The visiting route is one-way and you cannot go back. Enter from the entrance on the south side of Laiyang Road and exit from the north side of Laiyang Road.Recommended route:Jellyfish Palace - Seal Hall - Marine Life Hall - Whale Hall - Underwater World - Freshwater Life Hall (one-way tour, no turning back)
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    "I grabbed a ticket last night, although I arrived at ten in the morning and only went in at three in the afternoon, which was not a worthwhile trip. Because I was fortunate to meet Mr. Wang Qian, the vast reserves of historical knowledge, the focus of the two hours selected, no waste, the speech process is constantly taking care of the children, and when I leave, I also tell other attractions worth visiting, praise his professionalism and quality! ! !"
    Nanjing.The Ming Palace and Nanjing Museum Area
    >100km from Lianshui
    Highlights: The famous Jade Shroud Sewn With Gold Thread is displayed here
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    "The environment here is very good and green. The small animals are also very comfortable, but it is not recommended to come on rainy days, because there are many small animals in the glass hall, there will be a lot of ha on the glass, resulting in the invisible small animals. Some small animals will escape the heat in the nest, and you need to be patient to see to find the small animal. However, the amphibious reptile museum did not open, we went to the amphibious reptile museum, and we did not see it. It is recommended to take a tour bus and then walk down to see the animals, so that it will not be very tired. Overall, the Red Mountain Forest Zoo is a place worth visiting, and the children like it very much."
    Nanjing.Train Station Area
    >100km from Lianshui
    Highlights: Hongshan Forest Zoo is located in the north of Nanjing Xuanwu Mountain and is built on the mountain. There are three mountains in the park. It is very close to the Nanjing Railway Station and was built by the original Nanjing Xuanwu Lake Zoo. The park is large and there are many kinds of animals. In the bird zone, you can see flamingos, ostriches and pheasants. Visitors also look forward to the green and white peacocks in the Peacock Garden. There is a talking grey parrot in the parrot pavilion and a veteran zoo animal. In addition, there is a children's playground, especially suitable for playing with children.
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  • No.5
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    "It’s fun and fun, it’s worth going, the tickets are completely worthy of this experience, there are many play items, this time I basically played, the experience is super good, it is very recommended to choose to go on weekdays, basically do not queue up, you can quickly play many projects"
    Changzhou.Universal Dinosaur Park and Dinosaur Valley Hot Spring
    >100km from Lianshui
    Highlights: A large dinosaur-themed amusement park
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  • No.6
    4614 Review
    "I have taken the children to the June 1 Children's Day. booking is convenient to enter the park. Scan the code. The theme park has a good environment. The main children have fun, but many facilities are not very friendly to the 115cm children. You can take a look at the map 🗺️"
    15.6km from Lianshui
    Highlights: Huaian West Amusement Park is the first comprehensive theme park with the theme of Journey to the West at home and abroad. It is divided into 9 areas, corresponding to the four continents, the four masters and apprentices and the author Wu Chengen in "Journey to the West". With the help of the rich entertainment elements contained in "Journey to the West", combined with modern amusement equipment and performance viewing experience, the project carefully designed and created 42 amusement projects, as well as 46 atmospheric deduction projects such as float parade and closed garden show. Old scenes such as Zhuangzhuang and Leiyin Temple are presented in multiple dimensions with new technologies, and a theme park integrating "entertainment, experience, and technology" is built. Since the park opened on July 10, 2021, it has received unanimous praise from all walks of life for its professional operation and high-quality services. In the industry selection, it won the "Outstanding Theme Park (Land)", "Most Popular Paradise", "Outstanding New Paradise" "The Most Popular Theme Park Brand by Tourists", "The Most Commercially Valuable IP Person of the Year" and many other awards.
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  • No.7
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    "The three-swipe and six-dying museums, the experience is better. The original exhibition hall has more ancient pottery exhibitions, as well as the Chinese Celadon Exhibition, the exhibition Chen Hyundai, and the next floor. Good museum, charges, not many people! Buy tickets on Trip . very convenient."
    Nanjing.Xinjiekou Area/Downtown
    >100km from Lianshui
    Highlights: The Oriental Metropolitan Museum is located on the east side of the Presidential Office Building and at the intersection of Changjiang Road and Hanfu Street in Nanjing. There is a museum from its basement floor to its 3rd floor on the east and north sides. During the 3rd to 6th century, Nanjing was the first city in the world with a population of more than 1 million. Together with the ancient Roman city, they are called "the 2 centers of world classical civilization." The museum displays a variety of cultural relics from the 3rd to 6th century and systematically reflects the mystery of the culture.
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    "The children in the playground like it very much. During May 1st, there were a lot of people and there were a lot of people in line! The float parade was very exciting, and the children couldn't look at it! When I finally left the park, there was a dance performance of Xiong Daxiong Er!"
    Qingdao.Fantawild Dreamland and Hongdao High-tech Zone
    >100km from Lianshui
    Highlights: Qingdao Fantawild is located at Hongdao, Chengyang District of Qingdao city.This project focuses on building a high level cultural and technological theme park (Qingdao Fantawild Dreamland). Another component of this project is the development of a high-tech performance center which will lead tourism in northern part of Qingdao to a new direction and enrich the tourism market of Qingdao.
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  • No.9
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    "very good! The sea beast performance and mermaid performance are full of sincerity, especially the underwater ballet performance is very colorful! There are other sea worlds, and even bird areas. Anyway, my child and I are very happy to see 😃"
    Rizhao.Wanpingkou Senic Area
    >100km from Lianshui
    Highlights: Rizhao Ocean Park is located in the core area of seaside tourism in Rizhao City. It consists of Sunshine Oceanarium, Four Seasons Flower and Bird Garden, Bird Show, Waterfowl Paradise, Children's Paradise, AR Traveling Through Time and Space and other play contents, as well as ocean-themed light luxury resort hotels and ocean-themed characteristic commercial streets. Composition, the scenic spot constitutes a large-scale tourist resort complex integrating leisure, entertainment, sightseeing, accommodation, shopping and catering. Sunshine Aquarium displays more than 300 kinds of marine life, basically covering the display content of traditional domestic aquariums. It is characterized by a novel biological display method, highlighting the theme of sunshine and open space design. In addition to the two subsea tunnels in the museum, in multiple innovative exhibition areas, the 720-degree visual experience makes visitors feel like they are under the sea. Four Seasons Flower and Bird Garden is an innovative natural eco-tourism experience project. In addition to more than a thousand kinds of flowers, it also displays dozens of rare birds, fish and cute pets. It is an all-inclusive, harmonious and compatible environment between man and nature. A poetic garden. The outdoor bird theater has outdoor performances of parrots, toucans and birds of prey, which are rare in China, bringing visitors an interesting and exciting viewing and interactive experience. More than a dozen rare waterfowl and lovely ring-tailed lemurs are raised in the waterfowl world, and tourists can enter and have close contact with them. Traveling through the time and space zone in AR, through advanced augmented reality technology, it will lead tourists into the magnificent history of sunshine in myths and legends, explore the mysterious seabed and ice and snow world, and explore the micro world from the perspective of ants, which is thrilling and exciting. In addition to regular exhibitions, Rizhao Ocean Park will also display performances such as dolphins, sea lions, human sharks dancing together, parrots flying in groups, birds of prey, etc., and through the zero-distance interaction between various animals and tourists, it will become a large-scale cute pet paradise in China.
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  • No.10
    963 Review
    "Overall, it’s not bad. There are a lot of people going on May 1. Every project has to queue for about two hours. I took the children to play. All thrilling games were almost not played. There are really not many discounts in terms of price. The children's tickets are not cheap for a penny, which is the same as the usual price."
    >100km from Lianshui
    Highlights: Xuzhou Fantawild Wonderland is the second Fantawild park in Jiangsu Province after Glorious Orient. This new park explores myths, folklore and local traditions, presenting the charm of Chinese culture while utilizing advanced technology such as spherical screens, AR, and comprehensive track rides. Total investment in this new park is over 4 billion RMB. The park boasts 8 unique indoor themed attractions and 30 outdoor attractions, as well as over 200 landscape designs, restaurants and shops. It’s a one-stop destination combining dining, tourism, entertainment, and retail.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Lianshui?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Lianshui include:Qingdao Polar Ocean Park, Qingdao Underwater World, Nanjing Museum, Hongshan Forest Zoo, Chinese Dinosaur Park
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Lianshui?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Lianshui include:Qingdao Polar Ocean Park:4.6, Qingdao Underwater World:4.5, Nanjing Museum:4.7, Hongshan Forest Zoo:4.6, Chinese Dinosaur Park:4.3
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Lianshui located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Lianshui are mainly located in:Qingdao Polar Ocean Park:Qingdao, Qingdao Underwater World:Qingdao, Nanjing Museum:Nanjing, Hongshan Forest Zoo:Nanjing, Chinese Dinosaur Park:Changzhou